Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Report

Saturday night we had quite the light show. There were thunderstorms to the southeast of us- lots of lightning. The rain totally missed us, but what a show with the lightning! Toby and I stood outside, and I videoed with my point-and-shoot. I did several little videos. One video was really funny, because you can hear the crickets chirping, the dog drinking water and flapping her ears, and then you hear me say in my best Texas twang, "That's wild!" Here is a link to one that I uploaded to my YouTube. This video is about 2 minutes long, but it had the best lightning. I tried to post it here, but had some trouble and had little patience with it. So how is it that I can figure out how to upload to YouTube, but not here. I also managed to upload my HHH video here, but this video was taking WAY too long.

Speaking of being ignorant (or possibly just impatient) I also did something so silly that I have to share it. Toby and I went to Home Depot on Friday night. It was date night ya know and going to Lawton to HD and/or Lowes is so thrilling. Sometimes Toby throws in dinner at Whataburger - oooh baby! We had planned on working Friday, but we were both so dang sore from laying tile on Thursday that we took Friday off. But we needed a few more boxes of tile and some other building stuff, and it seemed like a good time to go get the supplies. We had bought our tile at Lowes so we headed there first hoping to buy more tile and pick out grout. It's odd, but Lowes had great tile selection, but not so great grout selection. So we headed over to HD. After much discussion, we settled on "earth" colored grout, but there were only four bags of earth, and we needed nine. We found a young man to help us, but basically he just stood there and looked up and down the shelves as we had already done. He did get on his hand held computer and told us that there should be twelve bags of grout, but he didn't seem willing to find them. It became a waiting game - us waiting on him to find the bags or find someone who could find the grout - him waiting on us to give up and go home. He won. We moved on to get our other supplies. After some more discussion this time including Jesse, we decided on a different color. We went back to flooring and picked it out without any help. Maybe I was just tired by this time, but when we went to pay out, I swiped my credit card through the pen holder. The young man checking us out managed not to laugh, but I laughed. How funny was that! Can't you just see me standing there, swiping my card through the pen holder, and waiting to sign the credit card machine - all cool and suave. And the young man saying, "Uh ma'am, the card swipe is on the other side." I'd like to say that is the only silly thang I did over the weekend, but it's not. It is just all that I am admitting to.

Saturday I had promised my friend, Glenna, that I would help out at her book festival in Duncan. I did this last year and had a great time. When I got there, I helped set up and serve the authors a continental breakfast. Then Glenna asked me to attend a "mini-book club" discussion, which I happily agreed to, since the book was one I had already been looking at. The author was Stephen R Gray, a retired Navy pilot who flew in Vietnam. His book was called "Rampant Raider," about his missions in the war. After the mini-book club thang, I went to Mr. Gray's booth and visited with him and his wife. We discussed Vietnam, pilots, and the Navy Tailhook Association conventions - since I have been to one back in the day. Then we discovered that the Gray's live in Hemphill, TX, where my Uncle Bob lives. And they know each other - both being Vietnam veterans. It is such a small world.

Eventually, I left the book festival so that I could get home and help Toby finish the tile. We did get it all laid. Tempers were getting touchy by the time we finished, and we were worn out. Yet, it is such a good feeling to have it done.

Sunday, we had lunch with Lindz and Shay and some other folk. Lindz made a delicious lasagna, salad, and lemon pound cake. It was good food and fellowship.


joyce said...

awesome lightning show. pretty pinks in the clouds.

are y'all able to walk on the newly laid tile, or do you have to grout first? are your tiles smooshed next to each other? how much grout will show?

When Bob tiled the bathroom, he left spacers and I like the dark grout as it does not show dirt. I have not sealed it in a long while. But, I like the indestuctable indoor/outdoor tile as I can splash clorox on it without any worries.

I am enjoying your blog adventures

Bag Blog said...

We can walk on the tile. We need to seal the tile before we can grout. It has big grout lines and it will not be very even. It is saltillo tile.

Moogie P said...

Sounds like a great weekend! When I do something like swiping the credit card on the pen holder, I just say that my mind was on auto-pilot and misread the map.

Buck said...

Your point 'n' shoot camera takes good vids. I'm impressed, especially considerin' the low-light aspect of it all.

I won't be around for the rest of the week, and won't be back until Monday next (at the earliest), when I get the inter-tubes connected at my new place. I'll be movin' ECMdP out o' Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park tomorrow... so there goes my 'net connection.

Don't miss me too much. ;-)

Andy said...

Lou, sounds like a great weekend. Good light show, too.

Look, don't ever try to upload a video if you already have a YouTube channel. You've already got the video posted there.

On the page that hosts your video, click "share." Then click "embed." The "embed code" will drop down. Copy it (CTRL+C). Then, on your blog post get off of "compose," and click on "edit html." There you can paste the embed code (CTRL+V) that you copied from the YouTube page.

The video will display. In fact, Imma go over and post it on my Titanic. You can go look at it.

Andy said...

BTW Lou, while I was at your YouTube channel, I looked at the HHH 35 second video.

LIKE! Was that you coming to the finish line? The voice on the video sounds like a young chick. Very nice, young lady.

Just sayin'...

Bag Blog said...

Moogie, Someone needs to tweak my auto-pilot map reader or maybe I need to get more rest.

I've already been missing you when you don't post several times a day.

I managed to post the HHH video on my blog after uploading it to YouTube - easily and quickly. Not so on this one, but I will give it another try. And yes that is my Texas Twang you hear. Thanks for the young chick thang.

Becky said...

I laughed too. That sounds like something I would do!

Bag Blog said...

By the way, Andy, that was not a finish line. It was just part of the HHH that went through Sheppard Air Force Base and the young airmen cheering on the bicyclists.

You are too young for doing such silly stuff.

Jo Castillo said...

Congrats on getting the tile laid. I always think, "....and then the fight started!" Gene's brother in law said when he found we would be in this small rv that he would bring his down from Albuquerque and we could put them on opposite corners of the RV park - one for me and one for Gene. Tee hee. Actually it has not been as bad as I expected even though we are both so stressed. House hunting ain't fun, at least not in this urgent situation.

I can't wait to see your house. Hugs.

Bag Blog said...

Jo, I hear you on the small space and togetherness. By the time Toby and I finished the tile in the close space of the bathroom, we were getting pretty testy.