Monday, October 03, 2011

Air Show 2011

It was a beautiful day for the Air Show at Sheppard Air Force Base, and I took lots of pictures of, well, air. The planes were fast and the sun was bright and I was slow. It was better to take pictures of the planes on the ground. I took so many photos, it was difficult to decide which ones to share with you and what order to put them in. I decided to show the ones with Jes in the pics first - then some of the more interesting planes, which all are interesting. I did some videos, but we will see if I have patience enough to put them on here.
Here is the first plane we saw. The owner was from Amarillo and had flown his plane to the show. This was the second plane we came to, but we did not see either of these planes fly.
We eventually moved on to the jets. We got silly too.
Then there was this big boy with Jesse walking towards it. We did go inside for a look-see. We went in the front and came out the back - lots of people were waiting in line to see the cockpit, but we did not. These planes flew slow enough that I was able to get a picture of one landing.
We spent most of our time sitting and enjoying the show - like a mock dog fight between a Japanese Zero and a Mustang. The presentation of the F-16 was most impressive - the sound was awesome. The Canadian Snow Birds were amazing with their precision flying. The stunt fliers were fun, but a bit scary.
And of course I did some people watching - don't you love these two? I have more pics of planes, but I will save some for tomorrow's post.


Buck said...

I SO envy you your day. The last air show I went to was in Brownsville in 2000. That's waaay too long ago!

Nice pics, as always and ever.

wv: wingtch. I kid thee NOT.

joyce said...

did you have anyone like this at your air show??

Bag Blog said...

Buck, you should have gone with us. It was a perfect day for a show.

Joyce, We did not have any comic stunt flyers, but that would have been very cool to see. Thanks for sharing that video.

Becky said...

Great pics, Lou. Air shows are so much fun. I need to go back to the one that is near here. I took Cody one year and we had a great time.