Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Dis Is My Favwit Paht

GBN2 is such a performer/comedian/singer, that people are always saying that I should write down her stories. Most people don't know that I blog and tell GGs stories, so I just smile and agree.

At the end of Bo's soccer game the other day, the spectators were all gathering our stuff and milling about visiting with each other. Out of the blue, GBN2 started singing The Star Spangled Banner. She belted it out like a pro. Everyone within hearing distance stopped to listen and then applauded when GBN2 finished the song. It was impressive.

At Jesse's art show the other night, we were all standing in a separate area from the art show. There was plenty of room for the GGs to jump and play while the Grandmas, aunts and other family folk visited. Since GBN2 loves to perform, I asked her to sing The Star Spangled Banner for her aunts and grandmas. GBN2 complied. Once again, she belted out the song, "...and da wockets wed gwa-ah, da bombs buhstin' in a-uh, gave pwoof thew da night, dat ou-ah fwag was still they-uh." Then she stopped. With a delighted little grin she looked up at one of the aunts and said, "Dis is my favwit paht!" Her little voice dropped and she continued the song, " Oh say does dat stah spang-led ban-nah ye-et wave-ave...."

This may be one of those "ya had to have been there, " but it was funny. I had to share it. Maybe I can get it on video sometime, but it may never be the same.


Buck said...

...but it may never be the same.

That was my experience with the grandgirls when they were tots; often similar but never the same. Always good, though!

Bag Blog said...

"Always gook though!" How very true!

Becky said...

That is a great story! I'd have loved to hear her singing our National Anthem.

Bag Blog said...

"Always gooD" Gook grief!

I'll see what I can do.

Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

We need video. Or at least audio!

Moogie P said...

I can just see the sly grin on her face when she announced her favorite part.