Monday, November 07, 2011

Hard Work and Hard Sleep

Starting Friday when Toby arrived home from work, we hit it hard on the house. The first thing we did was finish hooking up the new gas fireplace in the bedroom. In order to make it work right, we needed it to be a bit taller, so we made a box and I added some Mexican tile.
Next we worked on the kitchen stove. You may remember that the cabinets were set slightly too close together for the stove to fit into its allotted slot. I thought just taking a bar of soap and rubbing the stove and cabinets would work to squeeze the stove in ( butter might would've worked), but Toby said no. Our plan had been to trim an 8th inch off each cabinet and squeeze the stove in, but that didn't happen. So Friday night we got out the hammer-chisel and dug out the grout from around the cabinet and moved it over. Then we re-grouted. While we were grouting, we grouted some trim in the bathroom. We also did some cleanup work around the house to get ready for a big workday on Saturday. It is amazing how cluttered things get.

Saturday morning Jesse and I made a quick trip to Lawton to the usual Home Depot and Lowes for supplies. Toby had to do a bit of Halliburton work to close the month out. We met back at the house after lunch joined by my son, Bo, but no GGs. This was serious work time. We put Jesse to work on the tile. Bo went to work on the glass half-wall in the bathroom. Toby and I put down some half-inch ply wood on the floor to get it ready for carpet. We are also going to do some tile in the doorway of the bedroom - so we put down more cement board. We Baggetts are quite the team when we wanna be. By supper time, everyone was bushed. Jesse had invited Lindz and Shay over, so we had put on a pork roast in the crock-pot with lots of chili powder. It made for some delicious pork tacos. I threw together some pico de gallo and refried beans. A few bottles of wine and we were all full and fine.

We stayed up to watch the OSU vs Kansas St. football game (switching back and forth to keep up with the LSU vs Alabama game). By 10:30 I could not keep my eyes open another minute and went to bed. I slept as hard as I had worked. And yep, I slept through the earthquake which Jesse said rattled the windows and pictures on the wall. Dang, not even an earthquake could wake me!

We had planned on re-glazing the saltillo tile in the living room/kitchen, but the wind was howling on Saturday making it not a good day for opening windows. If you don't open windows, you could certainly kill brain cells with the mexi-glaze. We saved that for Sunday when the wind had calmed.
Here is the kitchen cabinet all moved and re-grouted, plus you can see the beginning of Jesse's tile work.
Here is the bathroom where we grouted the trim and Bo worked on the glass block, which will be taller eventually.
Here is the ply-wood floor and the cement board in the bedroom. Here is a shot of the shiny re-glazed living area.


Becky said...

The house is looking great! I know you'll be glad when it's finished.

rental mobil jakarta said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

joyce said...

beautiful!!! wowo. and shiny!

and ANOTHER earthquake! oh, my!

we did not feel either one. Amber said she felt the first one at Fort Sill. I wonder if she felt yesterday's.

Buck said...

MOST excellent. I had the same sorta tile on the floor in my kitchen in OKC (Choctaw) and I loved it... until I had to replace the dishwasher, which was tiled in place. Some people...

Are you giving out estimated completion dates yet? ;-)

Jo Castillo said...

You work so hard, you make me tired reading about it. Sigh.... It is looking lovely. I really like the tile and the glass wall. I have always been fascinated by that. :) The kitchen and great room s beautiful, too.

Bag Blog said...

You ain't a kiddin'!

I've missed all the earthquakes and tremors - it could have been the wind that was blowing 7500 mph!

Saltillo is very common in NM, but not so much in OK. Funny that you would have had some here and not there! No ETC yet.

The glass block is interesting. I think it will reflect the talavera tile wonderfully.

Bag Blog said...

Rental Jakarta, thanks for dropping by.

Staci said...

O. M. G. ! It's looking beautiful! I want.

Moogie P said...

You have absolutely NO idea how badly I wish your crew was working our project in Little Rock! It has become a nightmarish comedy of errors.

I love seeing all your progress! We're using glass blocks for the bathroom window. Keep the pics coming!