Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas and More

Christmas Eve we had our first party and talent show. It all went well. In this picture, you can see the homemade stage in the background. I may or may not post videos from the talent show. Ya know how they say the camera puts ten pounds on you? Well, my camera seems to have put lots more than that on me. Still, the GGs were pretty darn cute. It was difficult to keep them off the stage. I also like the above picture with Jesse laughing. Speaking of Jes, she bought a real Christmas tree, and she and the GGs decorated it. We have a small fake tree, but the mice got into it this summer - I can't stand that. Jes was excited about picking out a tree at the local Kiwana's tree lot. She said she had never done that. Poor little thang, she used to have to climb all over the mountains in the snow to pick out a tree in God's Christmas tree lot.
Here is looking back the other way at the kitchen. That is my big brother next to Toby and his kids next to him. And of course the GGs being silly.
Another pic of the guests with my mom on the very end. Those wooden chairs came from the old Zuni cabins in Red River. The chairs were made without any nails - all pegs and fitted together. The story goes that the WPA gave carpentry classes in Questa back in the day. I guess there was an abundance of chairs to be had. As Red River made the turn from a mining town to a summer resort town in the late 40's, cabins and lodges were being built all over the valley. Mr. ONeal, who owned the Zuni bought up lots of these chairs to furnish his cabins. I think they are the coolest - my Questa antiques.
Jesse and Lindz doing their usual dip. They have dip photos similar to this at all sorts of places and events - including a dip photo in front of the Eiffel Tower.
My niece and nephew and fabulous kitchen.

It has taken me quite awhile to get these photos up and a blog posted. I actually put the photos on the blog Christmas morning, but things got busy before I could finish the post. After the party, Shay and Lindz had spent the night. It was a rather late night. Then Christmas morning we made a big breakfast and opened our stockings. Then we were off to see Toby's family for the day. Once again it was a rather late night for this farm girl. Since I have been fighting off a cold all week, by Monday morning, I was worn out. We slept until 8 AM! Then we got up and did some work around the house - mostly cleaning up after the party. I made it until 12:30 before I needed a nap. So I took cold medicine and slept like a baby all afternoon. I was worthless. We did make it into town for to see the GGs and deliver gifts late in the afternoon.

Toby has been on my computer quite a bit lately since the other laptop bit the dust, and we have to share. This morning I waited patiently for my turn. He finally handed it over, but about 15 minutes later, he said, "If you are going with me, you'd better get dressed!" He got the squint-eye or Mrs. Potato Head's angry eyes. I did get dressed and I did go with him, but I was not happy about it. We went to Lawton to Home Depot and Lowes. When we got home, we worked on the trim work in the bedroom. Now you know why it has taken me so long to post. It was a good Christmas. I'm glad it is over.


Becky said...

I'm behind on my posting as well, but I don't have any excuse other than laziness. Looks like you have a good Christmas.

Buck said...

Great pics, as ever and always.

It's been my experience in life that the BEST parties always end up in the kitchen, but you TRULY have a kitchen designed for partying. It looks warm, inviting, and cozy... while having more than enough space for everyone. Well done!

I'm glad Christmas is over, too. I just need to get by New Year's Eve now and life can get back to normal.

Bag Blog said...

Laziness always plays a part here at the Lazy B.

With all that space, it is amazing how everyone crowds together anyway. Herd mentality.

Jo Castillo said...

Boy are we behind, too. Looks like great fun at your house. Beautiful place. Congratulations.