Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Report - carpet

Links: Jesse posted pottery and a photo on her blogs.

Did I mention the the carpet man came on Thursday. We went with the local store, which was cheaper and the carpet layer man was so much more, hmm, with it. Bill, the carpet man showed up early Thursday, worked hard all day, and gotter done. Excited was an understatement for my feeling when he left. When Toby came home, we took off our shoes and walked on the carpet. We rolled around too. I took a few pictures to show you. Toby lay down for a photo, but the dog thought it was play time. It looked fun, so I joined them, but my arm is just not long enough. You will note that there is still more trim work to be done and door to be hung. Here is the hall of closets. Last week we laid the tile and grouted it to get ready for the carpet. I think it turned out well.
The dog loves the carpet. Several times I have caught the cat rolling, yes, rolling in the carpet - the cat!

Saturday, we took a day to go to WF and return the flooring that we bought and did not use. We had several other things to return to Home Depot. I was dreading the returns, but it went well. Then we picked up Toby's mom and had lunch with her. We took her shopping. Actually, we were doing some research shopping. I wanted to look at material to cover a couple of chairs. Also, we will need a big rug for the living room - I wanted to look a bit. Then there is the bar stool dilemma. You would think picking out bar stools would not be complicated, but it is. Back or no back, swivel or not to swivel, comfy or utility and then there is size. Good grief! But it was a good day with Toby's mom. She is very good at color and decor. And there is no way I would fight with her like I do my own mom. I luv ya, Mom.

Our last stop in WF was Market Street. We went in thinking to get Greek yogurt and beer and a tea for the road. I have never been in Market Street when it was so crowded. People were nuts. I gave Toby the "focus" sign (if you want, you can go to "f" and then find "focus" to see the sign). He replied, "Beer, yogurt, and get the hell out of here!" I agreed, but I didn't know the sign for "get the hell out of here." I will look it up.

Sunday I cooked a roast with all sorts of veggies. After church the GGs and their parents came for lunch. After we ate, the GGs took off their shoes and we rolled in the new carpet - literally. GBN2 insisted that I pretend she was a dog named Little Rascal. Then she rolled and romped along with our real dog in the carpet. Bo and Jesse joined us. Jesse and I can still do "the airplane" (me on the floor lifting her with my feet). I'm just so dang short, it was not very thrilling anymore. Bo, on the other hand, lifted his sister and gave her a little bounce and thrill with his airplane. I'm so glad my children took after their father in the leg department. Toby and Bo gave rodeo rides to the GGs. Then the GGs wrastled and killed the big bull (Toby). Although my DIL looked skeptical, she did get in the floor with us. Bo got her and made her squeal! New carpet is such fun!
Since Andy asked about the fireplace in the comments, I wanted to show you our wood stove. It has been quite handy this winter. At first I had trouble starting a fire, but my mountain girl ways came back to me. Last week when we laid and grouted the floor tile, we also added the bullnose tile around the edge to give it that finished look and grouted the tile behind the stove. You may also notice in the first pic above that we laid tile in the bedroom doorway. I'm hoping we are done with tile and grout for a while.


Andy said...

HA! Took me a while to locate "focus," but I'm using that one tomorrow.

Maybe three or four times.

Looks great, Lou. Seriously.

Is that fake firelogs?

Just curious...

I know the sign for "get the hell out of here." I've been given it often by The Mrs.

It's pretty simple, really...

Bag Blog said...

Yes, that is a gas heater with fake logs. We have a wood stove in the living area. I'll post a pic of the wood stove.

ASL comes in handy for us folks getting old and deaf.

Becky said...

Ah, there is nothing like the feel of new carpet! I'm envious.

Bag Blog said...

I'm glad you said that, 'cause I was thinking we were just a bunch of silly hicks.

Buck said...

Well, I didn't roll around in the new carpet at my place, but that was mainly because there wasn't anyone to roll around with. That sorta thang just isn't done alone, yanno? But I sure enjoyed the feel of the carpet on my bare feet.

Great pics... the house is lookin' better every day!

Jo Castillo said...

Wow, very nice. You guys can go into business as contractors. :) Love your new digs.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Jo. We are much too slow to go into the building business. Some irate wife would kill us.

Moogie P said...

It's looking really, really good! I think your new-carpet-romp party sounds like a blast!

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