Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hippie Feelings

The sun is shining after a rather dreary morning. I did some laundry and hung my clothes on the line. My painting friends think hanging clothes on the line is so cool - very hippie - green - etc. I just think the clothes smell good when they have been sun dried. If that makes me a hippie, so be it. Was my mother a hippie, 'cause we've both been hanging clothes out all our lives?
After tutoring, I painted with the Ladies, yesterday. By the time I got there, ate some lunch, and settled in, I only had time for a little painting - a frayed tulip, I'm afraid. Sometimes it takes time to get into your right mind - the painting mode. When painting with people, I'm not sure I ever really go to that special place in my head where it is just me and my art. Nope, I talk too much for that, and I'm a bit hyper if you can believe that. Painting and talking is not a problem for me; I am a woman and therefore a multi-tasker. Would I like to go to that special art place? Yes, but it is not so easy to line everything up - time, painting, emotion. Now, I really sound like a hippie.

Years ago, my old art teacher invited me to his new studio. He sat me down at the pottery wheel and threw down a lump of clay and said, "Have at it." It had been since college that I had thrown a pot, but I put my hands to the clay and centered it. Then I opened it and drew it up to a vessel. It just all came back to me so easily. It was a great feeling. When I shared that thought with Toby, he bought me a wheel and a kiln - gotta love that man. Since then, I have screwed up more pots than not. But I long for that feeling of hitting the mark. Now and then I get that feeling while doing a painting, but it h as been a while. I need to focus.

But the dogs are laying in the sun, and I want to join them.


Becky said...

I love line dried clothes, too, and I'm no where near being a hippy or "green". I just love the way they smell, and that fresh air feeling about them.

Bag Blog said...

Ah, Becky, you might be just a bit hippie :)

Buck said...

But I long for that feeling of hitting the mark.

I miss that feeling; I don't believe I've felt in three or four years... prolly since my last long-distance mo'sickle trip. I used to get it a lot at work when everythang went just right and the outcome(s) exceeded expectations. These days life just seems to be one big-ass flat plateau... nothing bad, but nothing really great, either.

Bag Blog said...

We need to shake thangs up!

Jo Castillo said...

Wow! Beautiful tulip. Very striking.

I always hang my sheets outside. They smell soooo good. I don't iron so have to dry our wearable clothes so they don't need pressing. We are the rumpled- Castillos.

Bag Blog said...

Have you seen that commercial for the dryer that leaves your clothes wrinkle-free. The family is all rumpled - that is us!