Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Roses for My Readers

While looking for something particular for my art girls to paint, I found this video. This is what watercolor is all about! Happy Valentine's Day. Jesse has some candy for you.


Buck said...

Wow. That guy's brush strokes were so (ahem) fluid. I had to mute the music, though. The flute was annoying after about two minutes.

wv: wersa. "Is there a wersa day than V-Day?"

Bag Blog said...

So, did you sleep through the video since it had such, yawn, interesting music? I swear some of the ladies I paint with love that elevator music.

Jo Castillo said...

Great video. I'm weird I guess, I liked the music. The artist, Trevor Waugh, wrote and performed the music, too. Thanks, Lou.

AirmanMom said...

Blogger kept me locked out yesterday...so belated Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Bag Blog said...

This music did not bother me as much as some music. Some people find soothing music better to paint to - maybe it puts them in their right mind. Not me. Soothing gets old and I get sleepy.

Jo Castillo said...

Lou, I listen to music in my studio softly, but I use iTunes and shuffle all. I listen to Bolivian, country,jazz, orchestra, rock, folk, etc. I get antsy when it is the same type over and over. Outside, no music and with others around - no music. Guess we all listen to our own drummer. :-)