Friday, February 10, 2012


Toby took another half day and came home to help put in doors. Yep, we now have a bedroom door, a bathroom door and a closet door. No knobs yet. We decided to head back to town to pick up some knobs and make a Wal-Mart run to stock up for the weekend. Now and then, Toby likes to go grocery shopping with me. In our early marriage, we did lots of shopping together - good memories.

Anyway, at the check out (or the "finish line" as GBN1 calls it) I asked Toby if he wanted a Coke. He said, "Sure." and went off to find one while I put the groceries on the counter. When he returned and sat his Coke on the counter, the checker jokingly said, "Do you know that man? Are you sure you want to pay for his Coke?" I laughed and said that I would pay for it, because he was sharing it with me. The checker then said something about "Swapping spit." I said that it did not bother me, since we swapped slobber all the time. She continued to laugh and say that she was married to a "Mexican" and had once said "swapping spit" to him and he thought it was a very odd thing to say. And he didn't drink after her, she continued - she gave several examples his refusing to drink after she drank some of his Coke. She guessed it was because "he didn't really like kissing much." They had been together for 15 years and he had kissed her "maybe 40 times." As to "the other part of their relationship, well that only happens on birthdays and Christmas."

Toby and I stood there with our mouths frozen in horrified grins. Way Too Much Information!


Andy said...

HA! Lou, I have run across a cashier like that before.

And, giggled all the way home...

Birthdays and Christmas!?!? Lou, I'm giggling, and I can't stop. Really.


Bag Blog said...

Toby and I laughed all the way home too. He told me not to get any ideas.

Buck said...

Way Too Much Information!

Heh. Agreed.

Bag Blog said...

I've often wondered what it was about me that invited people to open up.