Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Report and Pirates

We did a bit of spring cleaning here at the Lazy B this past weekend. Toby took a half day on Friday and we started working. Part of our incentive was that blog buddy, Jo and her husband Gene were going to visit Sunday and we wanted things to look better. But the real incentive was that the weather has been warm and Jesse was home to help. Maybe it was our trip to Lubbock last weekend when we did absolutely no work on the house - a mini vacation that gave us a little umph.

Toby decided to clean out the store room just off the carport. After last weekend's big rain, it smelled musty. Since we lost our good cat a few months back, we have been seeing signs of mice in the store room - it just needed to be cleaned. While he worked outside, Jesse and I worked inside on the old bedroom. I pulled the comforters off the beds and sent them with Jesse to the laundromat in town to use the heavy duty washing machines. While she was gone, I moved things out of the old bedroom in order to re-paint the walls. One of the things I moved was a filing cabinet that we wanted to move into the office/hall of closets. But upon further inspection the bottom of the cabinet was rusty and needed painting before I would put it on my new carpet. It always seem like one job leads to another - nothing is ever simple. Jesse and I eventually got the old bedroom painted. The original color was a very light peach. The new paint was similar, but a bit darker. Okay, it is orange. Toby called it "dream-sicle"as in orange popsicle.

Toward Saturday afternoon, we had things scattered and torn up. I was wondering if we could get it all put back in place before Jo and Gene showed up on Sunday. The day was warm, windy, and humid and I had worked up quite a sweat. By evening, I could hardly move, I was so tired. Toby sent me to the shower to clean up and then took me to town and bought me supper. Then we came home and snuggled up on the futon loveseat and watched basketball. Well, I read using my Kindle Fire, but it was all quite cozy and nice.

Last week NavyOne, posted a little article on college students studying to be pirates. I commented on the post that Jesse must be a pirate since she had taken sailing classes and is now taking archery classes - and I forgot to mention that she took a conceal carry class. If she takes a fencing class, well, I will know for sure she is a pirate. This weekend there was a little incident that made me wonder. She had brought home the big king-size comforters from the laundry, and we were hanging them on the line to dry. The day had turned very windy making it difficult to hang the comforters. We struggle to lift the heavy wet thangs and throw them over the line and secure them before they blew away (it was that windy). We were expressing doubt as to the wisdom of hanging out the comforters - they were flapping pretty serious in the wind. But I hated to wad them up in our little dryer. I was worried that the clothesline would snap and our blankets would end up in the neighbors pasture. Jesse used her best pirate voice and hollered, "Argh! I don't think she can take any more!" I thought, "Pirate."

One of my all time favorite movie lines is from the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" when Orlando Bloom is sword fighting with Johnny Depp - one of the best sword fight scene ever. Bloom says, "You cheated!" and Depp replies, "Pirate."

By the way, my visit with Jo and Gene was great. They have some fun stories and are always a joy to visit with.


Buck said...

It was windy as all get-out here yesterday, as well. My patio furniture was on its way to Clovis at one point in time...

As for Jes bein' a pirate... there are WORSE thangs in life to be.

Becky said...

It's windy here, too. I was going to go out and work a bit in the yard, but decided I might blow away.

Bag Blog said...

There are worse things, and I'm good with her the way she is.

Today was better, but it rained all day.

Wrexie said...

The wind can be brutal. I have a 1/2 in of dessert in my window sills from Sunday. ..then it snowed yesterday for 5 hours. Not sure if I should be excited or not that today is the first day of Spring. To me, it's very weird to see snow in the desert.

That's cool that you got together with some other bloggers... sounds fun.

Uh oh. I could be a candidate for piracy myself, sounds like :) hehe.

Bag Blog said...

Cowgirl pirates are the best!