Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pretty Spring

Toby took Tuesday off, and we went to The City for a bit of shopping. We were on the road early with our first stop at the upholstery warehouse for supplies. I plan on covering three chairs - now that I'm such an expert. Snort. Our next stop was Harbor Freight for a new staple gun - I do love buying tools - snort, snort. Toby was feeling pretty generous, so we made a detour through Hobby Lobby. Garden Ridge was the last on my list, and we were done with my shopping needs by lunch. For lunch we had excellent Mexican food at Ted's. Then we were on to Toby's list. I must have worn him down, because he only stopped at Academy and Target before saying he was ready to head home.

The day was so pretty that we decided to do a bit of yard work once we got home. Our neighbor and friend, Randy, was cutting our hay. It is pretty amazing that we baled hay this early in the spring. Last year we did not bale any hay - it was just too dry for anything to grow. Between our yard work and Randy's pasture mowing, I had my first allergy attack of the season. Drugs helped, but breathing was difficult until my sinuses settled down.

Wednesday was back to the grind. With tax season over, the GGs had their daddy home - such is the life of a CPA. They are planning a trip to the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History - such is the life of homeschoolers.

Me? I'm gonna work on my chairs and maybe some art today. Sure had been a pretty spring so far!


Buck said...

I certainly agree on the "pretty Spring" bit. It's been nearly perfect here on THPoNM... lotsa verandah time. We do need more rain, though. We ALWAYS need more rain.

Bag Blog said...

You live in a desert.

Becky said...

I'm actually envious that you've gone this far before having an allergy attack. It seems I haven't been able to breathe since December!

Bag Blog said...

Eat local honey. Supposedly that helps. And prayer.

Sarah said...

I don't suppose you are doing upholstery for hire are you? I have this couch that someday I want to burn, but for the moment I am debating whether recovering is cheaper than just replacing it. I know I want the cushions to be slip covered, but have no idea how to tackle the body.