Tuesday, May 22, 2012

City Girls vs. Farm Girls

Last year about this time, Jesse was in Hawaii with two of her friends.  You can look back and see photos from her trip on my blog and some on her blog - go to May 2011.  I mention that, because Jesse will be moving to OK City this summer to work and share an apartment with one of the girls whom she went to Hawaii with.  Yesterday, we met with Bee in The City to clean their apartment and move some of Jesse's things.  It was a fun day for several reasons.  First, these girls are both lots of fun.  Not only are they beautiful, they are smart and funny and athletic - definitely not couch potatoes or home bodies.  Watching the two of them yesterday, I couldn't help but think, "Watch out OKC!" 

Secondly, watching the awe and wonder on their faces was just fun. These are not city girls. These two are not babies, not teen-agers, but young ladies who have gone to college, worked in the world and traveled quite a bit. Yet, they are (hmm, what is word?), not worldly. Jesse has no fear of jumping on a plane, train, or automobile (possibly a bicycle) to get wherever whenever, but city life will be new. Both are calm and intelligent - not silly or stupid girls. But yesterday, I could feel their excitement as they made their plans for living in the heart of The City - the activities, the restaurants, the nightlife, the pool, jobs, new friends, etc. They were bubbling. In a way, they seem very young.  I'm not worried about them, because they are so grounded, but it is The City.  It is hard not to be caught up in their excitement - even down to picking out shower curtains.

Upon arriving at the apartments, which were gated, Jesse teased me saying, "They will know you are from Duncan," when I could not figure out how to call the office to get in.  Once inside, I laughed at her when she had to fill out all sorts of forms for living in the apt. "Why do they need to know this?!" she would ask.  Basically, Jesse, they want to know if you are some sort of sex offender with anger management issues and bad credit.  She still looked skeptical, but eventually decided those were good things to know about her neighbors.  The manager asked her some specific questions before he did his background check on her - did she have any felonies, did she have any bad credit, what about the last place she lived...  Jesse explained that she lived with her grandmother while going to school and at home while working. The guy was very nice, but I wondered if he was thinking, "Really! And your mom is here with you now?"  Truthfully, I was just there to help clean and move and maybe do some shopping.  Still, I did snicker at Jesse.  I'm sure the guy "knew she was from Duncan."

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure the guy was thinking that these were two nice, very pretty girls moving in.  Bee is stunning with her tall, graceful looks and long curly dark hair.  She is very stylish - I know, because we all made several trips to the car to bring in her wardrobe.  Jesse said, "And you thought I had a lot of clothes."  Actually Jesse was excited thinking about sharing clothes.  Well, maybe not pants, since Bee is quite a bit taller than Jes.  They have quite a bit in common in the way they were raised and in their dark good looks and curly hair.  I think they are more alike than not, but Jesse says they are very different. Jesse describes Bee as elegant, while she herself is more Eddie Bauer -ish.  They will make an interesting pair. 

In this photo, you can see the difference in styles with Jesse on the left and Bee on the right.  The Diva's daughter is in the middle.  By the way, The Diva's Daughter, just finished her first year of Vet-tech school, and did quite well. 

In this photo, you can see the height difference. 
One more little tidbit on Jesse's friends.
Here is a photo that Lindz posted on FB last night.
Dang.  I'm a farm girl, but you would have to really work at getting me to touch a snake - dead or not. 


Buck said...

Well... there's The City and then there's OK City. ;-)

That said... I'm thinkin' Jess will have an interesting summer.

Did Lindz shoot that thang herself?

Bag Blog said...

People in OKC refer to OK City as The City. I thought it was funny when we first moved here, but then OK doesn't have very many big cities.

I doubt Lindz shot the snake, but I have not asked her. I was just horrified that she was touching it, and she let Shay skin and butcher it on her kitchen counter.

Buck said...

I guess I never noticed that "The City" thang when I lived there. Then again, I always used to say we were goin' into the city when we went out, mainly coz we lived in Choctaw... which was about 20 minutes outside of OKC, proper.

Andy said...

Pam's Okie kinfolk call OKC "The City," too.

They are hayseeds from Wetumka & Holdenville.

Lou, I've been reading, but not commenting much. I really enjoyed this post.


Becky G said...

Congrats to Jesse on the new apartment. Getting your first "own home" is a very exciting thing.

Moogie P said...

What a wonderful adventure for them! And I'm really glad they're going with a gated complex. Cities carry with them some pretty unsavory characters, but I'm sure you gave her the "safety briefing," as my girls call it.

I can't bring myself even to think about that snake, much less it being butchered on the kitchen counter!

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