Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Today would have been my dad's 84th birthday.  Funny how life has its happy and sad moments.  We celebrated Bo's birthday yesterday - a happy event.  Today I think about my dad.  Although my memories are happy, the day is a bit sad.  I have some other sad news, but will wait to share that with you until later.

In the meantime, here is some photos which I posted a few years ago, but I know most of you are too lazy to go back to the link to look at pics.
  These two photos were taken at Texas Red's on Dad's birthday.  I love them because they show Bo and Jes and my family.  This photo is just so handsome and is so Dad.  Since I couldn't decide on a photo, I shared all three.  In the past post, I shared a funny story a funny story about Dad's 50th birthday party, but you will have to go to the link for that.

Last night we cooked burgers on the grill and had Bo, Sara and the GGs over.  I baked a  peach pie, Bo's favorite.  The GGs were tickled that I carved a B in the pie.  When I sang, "... pat and pricked and marked it with a B and put it in the oven for Bo and me," the GGs said it was suppose to be "for Baby and me."  "He's my baby!" I said.  They liked that. We only had one 3 candle, but Bo is 33. So we made him blow out one 3 candle twice.

I hope to do some art today and get something posted.  I have not forgotten. Weekends are tough for art, especially after you ride bicycles to town and back on Sat - a mere 20 miles.  I was more tired after the 20 miles than I was after the 30 mi. ride in Meers a few weeks ago.  I think it was the heat - it is getting warmer here.  Sunday we had to run over to WF.  Yesterday was, well, difficult. I need to paint today.


Buck said...

I totally relate to the happy/sad thang... it happens to me every year on my parents' birthdays, especially my Mom's. Today, too, for quite another reason.

I DO remember the other posts about your Dad. They're good.

Jo Castillo said...

Yes, a happy sad day. Looks like Bo's birthday was great. I love all the photos.

Your story always reminds me of my Dad's birthday, too. His was June 18 and fell on Father's Day so many times. A bit unfair to combine both celebrations but we always did.

Thanks for the bittersweet memories. Hugs.

Bag Blog said...

The happy/sad thang - such is life. I'm glad we have the happy to balance the sad.

Bag Blog said...

Jo, our dad's would have been fun together. Your stories are always great too.

Mrs. G said...

I have so much respect for you and your family's committment to biking. I always think it sounds like fun and then I try to get on a bike. Always much more fun in my head! :)

Bag Blog said...

Maybe golf would be more fun - walk, hit the ball, walk some more.