Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wedding Rehearsal

Thirty-five years ago on the evening of June 26th, there was a wedding reception held at The Highlander in Red River, NM.  It was the eve of our wedding.  These pictures came from some sorry little camera, but it is what we had.  They have yellowed with age and from being in an old album.  Our wedding was not fancy - more like "home grown."  Lottie Tweed and Linda Hoag were very helpful in putting on a dang nice reception and wedding.  Getting married in a resort town, in the mountains, in 1977, things were much simpler.  We all wore jeans to the reception and to the wedding too.  Lots of Riunite Lambursco was served and a good time was had by all.  The wedding (I will show you wedding pics tomorrow) was even more of a hoot.
The top photo was the head table with me and Toby.  In the second photo, my brother, Craig, was Toby's Best-man and my cousin, Patti was my maid-of-honor.  That is my preacher, John, the Baptist, Lewis on one end of the table and my piano player and running buddy, Mary Wallace on the other end of the table.
The second set of pics is the friends and relatives who participated in the wedding.  In the top left is Tony and Jean Simmion. Second photo is TZ (singer) and Vickie Wright. Bottom left is my parents. Last photo is my baby sister, Steve Gorsich, Rudi Woerndle, and my cousin, Judy Lowe.
In this set of photos  is the some of the people who helped with the reception.  In the first photo is Craig and Ray Tweed.  Second photo is the ladies who served including Shirley Coss.  I don't know the names of the other two ladies.
In this last set of pics, is family and friends. Top left - my little brother Pete, my cousin Ted with his wife, Caroline. Top right photo - Toby's mom and Dad on the right side of the table with the Simmions across from them.  Bottom left- my parents on the right and my cousin Paula across the table.  The last photo is my cousin Fred whom I am sure was just helping serve the wine - certainly not drinking it.


John said...

Seems like just yesterday Lou...great pics with a lot of friends and family in Red. I keep looking at the pic of Otto, wondering what he was thinking. Probably something to the effect of..."my daughter is too young to get married" hee-hee.

On another note, I do remember "very well" the party we had for Toby. Your crazy brother wanted to spray paint a certain part of his body "blue", and the longer Toby stayed at the party, the more likely this was going to happen. All of a sudden, we see that Toby had left the party and was walking down Main Street! Smart man, your husband, cause Craig was looking for the paint. Ask Toby if he remembers that.

You guys have a fantastic anniversary today Lou...many blessings to you and Toby!!!

Bag Blog said...

Toby definitely remembers that - party at Rick Gill's at the bottom of the Red Chair.

Becky G said...

Happy Anniversary tomorrow, Lou!

John said...

Toby has a good memory. I thought Ralph was there instead of Rick...no wonder Ralph didn't really remember me at Billy's funeral. It was "so funny" looking out the window and seeing Toby walking down Main Street. Remember...I wasn't the only crazy nut back then. Your brother had his moments...hee-hee.

Buck said...

Once again: great pics. I'm a day late with this comment, but I enjoyed them none the less. You two look SO young!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks Becky.

Bag Blog said...

We were just babes.

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