Sunday, July 01, 2012


Happy First of the Month!  I always like new beginnings - any excuse to celebrate.  We actually did our celebrating yesterday.  Since the 4th of July falls on a Wednesday, Loco had their big celebration last night.  The Niece and Nephew came up from Austin stopping in WF to bring Grandma. The Niece also brought her boyfriend - an nice young man from CA.  Toby smoked a brisket in the smoker he recently welded together. I made a peach pie and homemade ice cream.  After a big meal and some kickin' around the Lazy B, we went to Loco for the lawnmower races and fireworks.  Loco added a new event this year - Shovel Races.  It was a bit wild - maybe even dangerous. The photo (which I stole from a friend's fb page) makes the ride look sedate, but believe me, it did get hairy when the driver of the mule went faster and faster. The fireworks were amazing once again.  There is just something about sitting outside with lots of friends and family watching the fireworks.  I really love it.  I don't know what the City Cousins thought about Loco and the festivities, but I think they liked 'em. 

The GGs did not go to the fireworks display this year.  After a big day at the Lazy B, playing in the cheap swimming pool, riding the four-wheeler, and torturing the new kittens, not to mention the Niece's new boyfriend, the GGs were worn out. Since I didn't have a GG to hold while watching the fireworks, I stole someone else's GG and held her.  At seven months old, Annabeth was not bothered by the fireworks at all, and she was quite cuddly.  Maybe by the next Loco 4th of July celebration I'll  have my own new grand-baby to cuddle. Definitely reason to celebrate.


Buck said...

Yep... I like new beginnings, too! Yet another full weekend at the Lazy B... Good On Ya.

Bag Blog said...

Sunday was rather slow, and I was glad.

GardenGirl said...

Makes me wish we had made it. Will be the first production of brother Tuck's that I have missed, but we just had too much cranky at our house to contemplate 1 1/2 hours in the car and getting home after midnight