Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend Report and Summer Art 16

Toby and I always get up early - even on weekends.  So early Saturday morning we went for a little bicycle ride before it got too hot.  Since we were already sweaty when we go back from our ride, we did some work around the Lazy B including cleaning off the carport.  Having free range chickens is fun, but having them poop in the carport is not so great.  Toby worked for hours trying to get the power washer to power up.  In the end, I used the special nozzle on the water hose and did the best I could.  Dang chickens.

Our plan was to go to WF and have a late breakfast/early lunch at Sevi's before picking up Toby's mom and going to a baby shower in Vernon, TX (long drive).  We managed to get all of that done on time, but we did not get to go by the beer brewer store.  Toby has been brewing beer again, which I don't really understand.  He has to buy lots of beer to drink so that he can have the bottles to use when he makes beer. So we have to hurry and drink the store bought beer so that we can have homemade beer - seems a bit fishy to me.   Anyway, lunch at Sevi's was excellent - the best and biggest burrito in the West.  The baby shower was interesting at best.  It was good to see Toby's niece and great-niece if nothing else, but the temperature was around 115 on Saturday making everything pretty miserable.

Even with the early start, we did not get home until after 8 PM.  Toby decided to go ahead and brew beer - most of which he can do without my help.  We were getting texts from Jes who was on her way home from Destin, FL, keeping us informed of her whereabouts. We got in bed around 11:30 and Jess showed up about fifteen minutes later.  I slept good that night.

Sunday was the usual church, nap, and send Jesse back to The City.  Now, I am getting ready for a trip to the mountains for a family reunion.  Besides coloring my hair, packing, etc, I painted this little picture of Williams Trading Post.  You might remember this story from last summer - well I thought my friend Randy might need a new painting since he gave away Mrs. Shortes' painting last summer.

Gots to go.  Lots to do.  Can't wait to get to the mountains and cool air and good friends and lots of cousins.


Anonymous said...

I love your painting! Can't wait to see you next week! If you get bored up there, you could paint a picture if the Whitt cabin.....;). Joy

Buck said...

So we have to hurry and drink the store bought beer so that we can have homemade beer - seems a bit fishy to me.

Heh. I LIKE the logic behind this premise.

Nice painting... very nice.

We haven't hit 100 degrees in a few weeks, and I'm glad. Triple digit temps wear me down. Out, too.

Becky G said...

You had a busy weekend! All I did was work.

Lovely painting, as usual.

Bag Blog said...

I could do that. When will you be in the mountains?

Bag Blog said...

He plans on buying some beer for the family reunion and having help drinking the store bought beer.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks Becky. You are always busy with all your projects.

Anonymous said...

Driving up tomorrow, same as you?

Jo Castillo said...

Great painting. I missed so much while we were up North. The cool air was great so I know you will enjoy the mountains!

I too, love school supplies and office stuff. I like crosswords and love new pencils for that. You have been so busy. The chairs look great.

You get irritated at the chickens! That is why I don't do chicken I think. Always my job to clean up after them. Uuuuuhh.

Love the grandgirl comments, too. Amazed you are biking in this heat.

Take care, hugs.

Ah, we go to see Tish Hinojosa at the Bugle Boy in LaGrange tomorrow night (Friday). A great music venue with movie style seating, no smoking and no talking. Really get to enjoy the music. Made me think of you. :-)