Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cool Saturday

A bit of a cold front blew in on Friday.  Actually, on Thursday afternoon I was hanging sheets on the clothesline and the wind was coming strong from the north, but the temps were still in the triple digits. It was a bit like standing in front of the blowdryer. The sheets were dry in less than 30 minutes.  It is my way of conserving energy. Anyway,  I remarked to Toby that it was odd for the wind to be coming from the north and still be so hot, but assumed there must have been a lot of heat in the states north of us.  We just had to wait until the heat blew by to get to the cool. 

On Friday I went to WF to take Mom to the orthopedic doctor, and the temps were beginning to cool off.   For most of the day, it was around 91 degrees and felt glorious.  It did get up to about 97 and was so much better than it had been.  Saturday morning was puhfect. It was cool enought that Toby and I went and worked on some things in the barn.  We were building a cubbyhole-shelf thang, bathroom cabinets, and I threw a pot.  Yeah baby- that felt good. 
Bo came over later in the afternoon, and we smoked a pork roast and set outside and drank a few beers. As I have mentioned, he and Toby have been brewing their own beer.  Earlier this week Toby said that they should be thinking ahead and brewing for the season - as in thinking about what kind of beer they would like to drink at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Bo replied, "Well, what kind of beer goes with having a new son?"  Toby answered, "A stout."  So, while I was in WF on Friday, Toby asked me to pick up some sort of interesting stout beer to test (the ol' drink beer so we can use the bottles to make more beer).  The beer man at Koch's suggested Dark Truth Stout. Who am I to argue? It was one of the beers we drank while sitting on the patio. It was not my cup of beer, but everyone else liked it.  Notice the alcohol in it.  The smoked pork turned out great.  I fried some okra to go along with the pork - pretty puhfect.

I was a bit accident prone yesterday - probably because I spent all week telling Mom she needed to be more careful so that she wouldn't fall or hurt herself anymore.  God got me for being such a know-it-all.  As I was backing the 4-wheeler out of the barn (we never use the reverse, we just roll it out backwards down a slight incline) I tripped over an old table in a junk pile (waiting to be carted off to the landfill).  The trip threw me into the corner of the table where I  banged my thigh and tripped some more.  With the 4 wheeler rolling down the hill, I had to stay upright or get run over.  Toby stood helplessly by watching me do an odd dance with the 4-wheeler as my partner.  It all turned out okay other than the bruise on my thigh.  Later I tripped over a board sticking out of a pile of lumber (we have lots of piles in the barn) and cut my ankle - same leg.  It was all pretty funny - in a way.

Back to Mom and the doctor: Last week I had made an appointment with a doctor whom I could get in to see without much wait rather than the popular doctor.  Several people told me that there were rumors of this doctor "smelling of liquor on his breath." Mom was worried when well-meaning friends shared this gossip.  It didn't bother me much - I figured he would not be drunk at 10 AM.  Anyway, he was not drunk and was very personable and friendly and helpful.  But, she does have a hairline fracture in her hip and one on her pelvis bone.  All is healing well, but Mom is to take it easy and continue to use her walker.  She should be fit as a fiddle by the end of Sept.  As we left his office, Mom said, "I really liked him." I replied, "Yep, I kind of like old drunks, too." And we laughed.

I'm really liking this bit of cold front, although "cold" is not exactly the right word.  Still, it makes me hopeful that fall is not too far off.


Buck said...

"Yep, I kind of like old drunks, too."

Well, THAT'S good to hear. ;-)

Sorry about yer leg, but it's good to hear yer Mom is healing well.

The Boulevard Brewery makes some fine, fine beers. Their wheat beer is SN1's beer o' choice when he's in that part o' the world and I knocked back more than a few of those when I was up in Kansas in April. I also sampled a few of their other beers but didn't try the stout. Stout and I aren't the best o' friends... I have a couple o' few in the winter but that's about it.

Bag Blog said...

The plan is to try different stouts and then try brewing one so that it is ready for this winter.

Becky G said...

I am so tired of hot weather! I can't wait for winter to get here.