Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dogs and Cars

There is a peaceful time in the mornings after I get Toby off to work, the puppy is asleep, and there is still coffee in the pot.  Usually I browse my favorite blogs and make comments, but I that tends to take up any creative brain cells that I have and causes me to put off any posting of my own.  Before reading and commenting this morning, I decided to post something.  Anything. 

I wanted to get some pictures of Maximus so that I could share them with you, but he was not very cooperative.  At first he was on the couch playing and being so cute, but by the time I got the camera, he was too wound up.  He was jumping and playing with me - making it difficult to get a good shot.  I took a couple of videos that were pretty silly.  In both of them, I kept pushing Max back away from the camera.  He thought I was playing and bit at the lens. I shook the camera with my giggles.  So I tried putting Max in the floor, but then he would jump in my lap - he is just a little lap puppy these days. Taking a page from Jesse's photo ideas, I tried taking a self-portrait.
This is how it turned out.  When I saw how awful I looked and how funny Max was, I laughed too hard to try again. Finally I got this  good shot to show how handsome Maximus is.  Yes, we are all about The Puppy these days.

Language warning:
We did do something new the other day; we bought a new car.  The used Subaru that we bought last year was a fun car, but we were not happy with it - especially the gas mileage.  We decided that we needed something more comfy to ride in and that got good gas mileage and that would last us a long time without lots of problems.  Since the old Camry has been such a jewel of a car, we went with another Camry.  We even went with red again.  This time, though, we got the sports version.  Toby read that it was more fun to drive. And it is fun. It is an automatic - something new and different to get use to - kind of makes me feel like we are getting old. Well, we are.

Buying it went pretty well, as those things go. Jickin' with car salesmen is always annoying. At one rather intense moment, I looked at Toby and said, "We can leave at anytime.  Besides, Ardmore always smells like monkey shit at the zoo." He was so surprised and shocked by my comment, that he burst out laughing. Broke the ice! He said it was the Michelin tire factory that makes Ardmore stink.  It does stink.

Toby drove the the new car this morning or I would get a photo posted - later maybe. We had a discussion on what to call the new car - to distinguish it from the old red Camry.  I suggested the Slut - once again shocking Toby.  I had to explain that Buck calls his new Caddy, the Tart.  Toby suggested we just call the new car, the Sport. Okay. His ideas are always better.


Buck said...

...then he would jump in my lap - he is just a little lap puppy these days.

Ya better HOPE he outgrows that sorta behavior before gets to his full size. The second pic is serious "awww" stuff and the first pic as as good as I thought it would be.

Grats on the new car. I hear ya about automatics; I don't care for mine all that much. That said, I almost had a horrible senior moment in TGH the other day when I went to put her in "drive," WITHOUT benefit of the clutch. Oops.

As for naming the baby... I kinda like yer ideer. But then again: I WOULD. ;-)

Bag Blog said...

I find that it is best not to rest my hand near the shifter - I might forget what car I am in and shift.

Back in the day when the shifter was on the steering column, I drove a 63 Chevy truck with three on the tree. But one day I was driving my mom's Buick, which was an automatic with the gearshift on the column. I threw that baby into park thinking that I was shifting into second. I came to an abrupt halt, and felt very stupid.

Barbara said...

First pic . . . well, what can I say? You both look like you're on something! Second pic . . . cute, cute, cute puppy!

Becky G said...

Max is so cute!

My GMC Jimmy is named...uh, Jimmy.

I've had cars in the past named Dennis the Menace, and Calvin -- like Calvin and Hobbs. None of my other cars have had enough personality to get good names.

Bag Blog said...

Max is on Puppy Chow. I don't have a good excuse.

Bag Blog said...

We don't usually have names, but call a car by its make. It could be confusing this time.

My dad had a 55 GMC pickup. We called it Old Blue. It was a classic.