Monday, September 24, 2012

Me or What?

Jesse gave me this card. She said it reminded her of me.  Ya think? Yeah.

My friend Joy and her husband, Tom, were here this weekend.  They rode up from Ft. Worth on Tom's motorcycle.  We drove over to Meers/Medicine Park for a little site-seeing.  Tom had heard of the famous Meer's longhorn burgers and wanted to see the place.  It is a funky place in the Wichita Mountains with good burgers - 97% lean longhorn beef with no added hormones etc.  It apparently is nationally known after being on some TV food show and was rated as the 3rd best burger in the USA.  I think the food network folks need to get a life. While it is a fun place and it is a good burger, it is by far not the best.  Toby and I split the huge cheese burger.  Although, it was tasty, why would they put velveeta cheese on a perfectly good burger? Cheap. I have other bones to pick with Meers.  Like the time they seated a large group of us at a dirty table (dishes and food still on the table) and never cleaned it - serving our food in the midst of someone else's trash.  Didn't go over well with me.  Then they would not separate our check and charged us a gratuity for having eight people.  I have not been back until this past Saturday.  In fact, I would only go back if other people wanted to go.  They just seem to be a bit full of themselves.

We then took Joy and Tom over to Medicine Park.  It is another funky place.  They were having a little art/Indian flute festival.  I like MP.  It is just interesting with odd folks - kind of a Taos/Okie cross.  We also drove up Mt. Scott, which has a great view.  It is the tallest mountain in the Wichitas, but by no means a huge mountain.  Still, it was nice.  I have pictures and will post them when I find the cord to my camera. 

We didn't get home until well after dark - in time to put our feet up and watch OU get beat.  What a great day!  Joy and Tom spent the night.  I love friends who just fit in with your life, go with the flow, and are happy.  They didn't care that my puppy is not quite trained or that we had dog hair on the couch or that something died in my fridge.  Good friends!

Sunday, they went home and Toby went to Houston.  He will be back tonight.  I better go play while the cat is away.


Becky G said...

Yep, that card is Jesse, all right! Cute.

Bag Blog said...

Jes was pretty sweet to think of me, get the card, and write something mushy and funny inside.

Buck said...

...serving our food in the midst of someone else's trash. Didn't go over well with me.

I'd have gone ballistic. I've never heard o' sumthin like that before. Ever.

That's a cute card... looks sorta 1930's-ish, doesn't it?

Bag Blog said...

The card could be 30's-ish or it could be 60's-ish. I say that because of the length of her little dress.

Jo Castillo said...

Ah, so cute. You would think we wouldn't eat out so much after such experiences. Guess we are gluttons for punishment! That one is over the top, though.