Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Gettin' It Done

Toby flew to Houston last week on business.  I had girl's night on Thursday night inviting my tutoree, her friend Wibby, and Wibby's mother (who happens to be my good friend, too).  We ate dinner and watched a movie.  The movie was "The Patriot," because we have been studying the American Revolution.  The Tutoree finds history most boring, so I thought a movie would help.  She said she hated the movie, because so many people die in the movie (war). My point exactly! People gave up everything including their lives so that we could have what we have today. Anyway, it was a good evening with friends even if the movie was rough on sensibilities.

Jesse came home Friday night, and we got up early Saturday to head to town.  GBN2 had a soccer game at 9 AM, but we ate breakfast at Eastland's first - pretty good breakfast burrito with fried jalapenos. At the soccer game, the wind blew like a son-of-a-gun from the north causing us to huddle under a blanket through the game.  The little soccer players are getting better and actually scored several points.  They are engaging the other team more and more, but the game is still hysterical.  After the game, Toby had to work, and Jes and I went to early voting (since she has to go back to WF during the week).  We arrived at the courthouse at 10 AM, stood in line, voted, and left at 11:15 AM.  When we left, the line was even longer.  Crazy, huh!

Saturday night, Shay and Lindz came over, and we cooked steaks on the grill.  It is always a fun time with those two.

Sunday was a quiet day of church, naps, and work around the house.  The weather has been beautiful, if not a bit warm.  I love the mild fall, but my crazy 50+ year-old body does not like the temps.  Without the air conditioner, I keep breaking out in a sweat.  It is not that warm, but it is not cool, and my body is having problemas.  Enough of that!

Monday morning when Toby left for work, The Diva picked me up to go to Enid, home of Vance AFB.  Her daughter-in-law is opening a photography studio, and she needed help painting a mural on a wall with her logo.  Her DIL used to be one of my art students - I knew we could knock out this mural with little effort and lots of good visiting.  The Diva took this photo, which is absolutely horrible of me - I was actually be-bopping to some oldies and look rather stupid. But the mural looks good.  The finished product had more leaves and the name painted and a bird flying.  It was rather nice.   In other art news, my little girls art class has been working on a watercolor cowboy.  Sometimes I am able to paint with my girls; sometimes not. It has been not mostly, due to having to teach and demonstrate, etc. But I have worked a bit on my cowboy after the girls go home.  Here is my little cowboy.  This painting was taken from a friend's photo.
Also, you might want to see how Max is growing. Here is my little lap dog.

Today I will be tutoring in the morning and art lessons this afternoon. I have my voting done - I hope you get yours done, too.



Buck said...

I've often wondered just how and/or why some people find history boring. I guess I'm just way different, coz history was (a) always my BEST subject in school and (b) a never-ending source of amazement and entertainment for me. Go figure.

I like your cowboy. Very nice.

Jo Castillo said...

Buck, maybe I get a bit bored with history as it repeats itself anyway.. aren't we going the way of the Romans? Honestly I think it was that it was so much memorization back in my day and your grade was affected by the ideas of the teacher. I liked math because there was just one answer .. guess with modern math that changed, too. Ha. I am more interested now.

Lou, I cannot believe how on the go you are. I'm tired from just hearing about all you do. No, no, keep telling about it, I just mean I don't have that kind of energy. I love the little cowgirl. So sweet and full of gesture and spunk.

All is well here, well, as good as it can be after the election. Sigh.....

Bag Blog said...

Now math, not my thang. Those negatives make me crazy. I do have to admit that my tutoree is getting the short end of the stick in the math dept.

I don't do so much. Some weeks are busier than others. Sometimes, I'm ready to stay home and do nothing. Wait, that is what I'm doing at the present time.

Bag Blog said...

Hmm, I answered this comment earlier today, but it did not show up - strange. History was always one of my favorite subjects too.

Buck said...

Jo: History may repeat itself in the macro sense, but there are all those interesting personalities that drive the historical narrative. In some respects it's all about "the rise and fall," but each situation, each empire, each country, each culture, had specific differences that make for an interesting story. To use another analogy: aren't all love stories basically "boy meets girl?" That doesn't make each individual story less interesting.

Becky G said...

I found history class in school boring, because it was not much more than a dry list of names and dates. REAL history-- which I didn't start learning until I got out of school-- I love.

I think if schools would teach history as stories about real people and events, students would be more intersted.