Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Pre-Christmas Update

Lots going on here at the Lazy B, and yet nothing exciting.  We are still waiting on the GB to be born.  Last week the DIL went to the hospital with fairly steady contractions, but not steady enough.  She has continued to have contractions, but Little Mr. Baggett has not decided to leave his comfy space. Crewcraw and Booboo have had the GGs a couple of times to give the expecting parents a rest.  It may be more important to let the grandparents rest and get ready for the GGs and new GB.  I'm tellin' ya, those GGs run me ragged. 

Speaking of running, I did some jogging in my exercise time yesterday.  It was a mistake.  I think will stick to fast walking or my bike riding.  That jogging jars the bones and jiggle things better not jiggled.

Jesse is busy-busy trying to finish up this semester.  Between her art projects and teaching projects she has to stay focused on school.  I can't wait for her to be home (yeah right) to do things with her. You know the "Goin' Jesse" will be goin' over the winter break. 

Toby and I were discussing our children the other day - their hopes, dreams, plans, and what we thought they would be and do.  We always thought Bo would be an engineer since he loves to build and design and plan things.  Jesse wanted to be a fighter pilot.  We always encouraged them to do whatever they wanted (although Jesse has the heart of a warrior, we did not encourage the fighter pilot thang so much - rough life on a girl). Through a round-about way, Bo studied economics and became a CPA - still planning and designing in a way. Jesse with her precision drawing made an excellent draftsman, but now her strength and determination is focused on art and kids.  Who would have thought that our kids would turn out to be an accountant and an art teacher? The best part is that they have turned out to be wonderful people.

Speaking of art, I've been working on Christmas paintings/cards. I painted larger thinking that I would make prints/cards, but I still have not come up with the "right" painting for my cards.  Here are my attempts.  I may just go to painting the smaller individual paintings. 


Buck said...

The best part is that they have turned out to be wonderful people.

No parent can ask for more than that. You're blessed in this space. I am, too. So far.

I like the top painting best. I think you captured a winter sunset's colors perfectly.

Bag Blog said...

You are blessed in the kid department.

The top is not my favorite. It required a looser style than I normally do. The bottom is more me. The night-time scene was more of an experiment - just to see if I could do it.

Jo Castillo said...

I like all three paintings. I like the bottom one as you know I love houses.

I very much like your kids, too. We are blessed as well.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks Jo. One of these days, I will get to meet your kids, too.

Stefan said...

Fighter pilot requires a lot of Type-A. I kind of like a Type-B woman with a Type-A only on Saturday night...

Bag Blog said...

Since we are kind of a Type-A sort of family, I'm not sure what a type-B is.