Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Week of Grand-babies

There has been some sickness at my son's house. GBN2 has had a stomach virus, while my son has a chest cold. Everyone has been quarantined to separate rooms.  Yesterday,  I went over to take care of GBN3, which I may have to refer to as Mr. T, while they took GBN2 to the ER to get an IV of fluids. Poor little thing has not been able to keep anything down.  It took them several hours just to be seen at the ER, but once in there, she did great. She came home from the hospital doing much better - demanding French fries - but was soon tired out. Mr. T was very sweet.  I just held him most of the time and loved on him.  At one point I put him on the couch - wedged him in the corner and put a blanket next to him.  GBN1 said, "We NEVER put him on the couch!"  I assured her that he would be just fine - like, I didn't raise her daddy.   GBN1 spent the afternoon and night with me on Thursday.  We did some hiking and painting and all the things she loves to do when she is here.  It has been a busy week with the grand-babies. I loved my time with them, but I sure wish they were not sick. I took lots of phone pics. Maybe I can get them from the phone to the computer - I've done it before, but my techno is having problems.

Today, I'm headed to WF to see the moms, maybe do some grocery shopping, and just be with my man. 


Stefan said...

You should look into Emergency Care Clinics. The one I go to is excellent. I go there instead of trying to get an appointment with my Dr. They have PA's mostly, but they have a Dr on call. The PA's do quite a bit. I've actually never seen the Dr, except when he just happened to be there, but still I saw the PA.

Bottom line: emergency room I have to pay $200 co-pay, Emergency Care Clinic $30 co-pay. FYI

Buck Pennington said...

I hope everyone gets well toot sweet. Sick kids are NO fun, especially when you're sick too.

Bag Blog said...

Their doctor actually sent them to the ER to get the IV. I was surprised that the dr. couldn't do something like that in his own office.

Bag Blog said...

As of Saturday, they seemed to be doing better. I just hope they all stay well.