Saturday, January 26, 2013

People, Painting, and Drinking

Thursday night I was invited by my art friend, Barb, to attend a cocktail/painting party at the local country club. When Barb asked me a week or more ago, I didn't really pay much attention to what she was asking. I just knew we were to attend some sort of art function. Sure, why not? I like art. I like Barb.

As it turned out, it was one of those paint and drink parties that have become the new thang. I like to paint and I like to drink. Best of all, I like to people watch, and there were some to watch. There were about eight or nine ladies at the painting party besides Barb and me - none of which I had ever met or seen before in my life. And you would think that Duncan being a rather small town I would have seen one of the ladies at Wal-Mart or Tractor Supply. When I mentioned this to Barb, she said she was sure they had maids who did the shopping. I take it back. One of the ladies did look familiar, but I may have been confusing her with Dolly Pardon. This woman was probably the same age as Dolly and had had just about as much plastic surgery - tight skin, no wrinkles, pouting lips. Although, Dolly's boobs may be a bit bigger and more real (are they real?), this woman had obviously added tremendously to her small frame. Her hair was not nearly as big as Dolly's, but it was interesting - a blond, young haircut. All in all it came together nicely - she was an attractive lady - even if her lips looked a bit too pouty. Maybe her husband is a duck. She was a bit of a potty mouth herself, but I'm thinking she thought it was cute to cuss loudly. Interesting. You never know what you will find in Duncan, America.

Sitting next to Mrs. Duck, was a lovely lady whom Barb explained was a local orthodontist's wife.  She seemed like a very sweet lady, and she seemed to be big buddies with Mrs. Duck. They probably thought Barb and I were an odd couple too. There were several other pretty, younger ladies. And there were your normal Duncan-ites.  It was just very strange not to have ever met or seen these ladies before, and yet, they all seemed to know each other well.  I felt like I was a a sorority party, but I was not part of the sorority. At no time did anyone introduce themselves. Barb and I sat a bit away, which was part of the separation feelings, I guess. It wasn't that we were purposefully sitting apart;  we were just smart enough to sit in the good light - artists, ya know.  It was a very dark place.

The painting was simple and fun, but maybe a bit dark for my tastes. The room was dark, so there you go. The teacher was a young lady who worked at the CC and was very pretty and sweet. She did an excellent job with the art part of the party. Her name was Morgan, but she now spells it Morgaine - you know - as in the sorceress - could explain the dark painting.  It so reminded me of life in Taos.

As for the drinks, well, I messed up there. Barb wanted to try a lemon martini - like some of the other ladies were drinking. Gag a Baggett! After I stirred mine with my paintbrush, it was a bit better - drinkable, but not worth blowing my diet over. Morgaine, who happens to be a pastry chef, served a chocolate cheesecake - very much worth blowing the diet over.

At one point, one of the ladies referred to Barb as a great artist. So, Barb told them all that I was an ART  TEACHER with a DEGREE in art. Thanks Barb. The ladies acted impressed or horrified - not sure which. I told them I would be grading them at the end of the evening. Mrs. Duck said she thought we were just there to drink. I told her she would be getting an A.

At the end of the evening, the waitress took this photo and Morgaine posted it on her FB. I stole it. It was a fun experience - I do thank Barb for asking and taking me as her guest. But I felt a bit like my Cousin Judy a few years back when we were at the CC in Taos, NM, and a very pretentious, name-dropping couple asked her if she played golf. Judy looked 'em dead and the eye and replied, "No! And shoot me if I ever start!"
Notice that my painting is upside down. I promise I only drank on lemon martini.


Stefan said...

I'm on my second glass of Gallo, but I laughed heartily after spitting the sip out when you said Mrs. Duck.

In the Unforgiven movie: The Duck of Death...

From a distance, those paintings look like my cats litter box :-)

A funny thing, my cat likes to poop outdoors. He will meow real loud at the door. At 15 pounds he can reach up and tap the doorknob. Anyway, he likes to poop on my neighbors yard when he goes out.

My neighbor talked to me a few months ago and said he sure would like to catch the damned dog that is pooping on his lawn! Yea, a 15 pound cat does have a healthy deposit, and I told him I would be sure to look out for that "dog" !

Buck Pennington said...

Notice that my painting is upside down.

I can't tell... they all look like cat boxes to me, too. I really liked your "A" comment to Mrs. Duck... that woulda been me and I woulda had more than one martini of the regular, dry sort.

Sounds like a fun evening.

Bag Blog said...

I can see how the paintings look like cat boxes - some more than others.

We try to train our cats to go outside. The last cat, the best cat ever, would meow when he wanted out. The present cat, a fairly good one, does let us know, but you have to be watching for him to hang out at the door.

Bag Blog said...

If Mrs. Duck was not already married, I would have given her your email.

Jo Castillo said...

Sorry to have missed that! Sounds like you did have fun. Liked stirring your martini with your paint brush!
Stefan, we lived where the neighbor's cat used to come and do its business in our yard and dirty up our lawn furniture. (We built a screened in porch, that helped the furniture) Anyway, we tried to trap the cat. The guy at Tractor Supply said to put tuna in as bait, sure to work. Well, we caught two opossums and no cats! Then we had the porch open one day and the cat came in the house, unseen by us. After a day or two I heard some scratching at night and I told Gene we had mice. Couldn't find anything. Then!!! Found the cat mess in the den area. Had a heck of a time finding the cat. It was under a wicker chair trapped sort of. Then to get it out was a pain, too. Ugly!!!

Jo Castillo said...

Ah, you said "only had on martini". Heh, still with a hangover??

Bag Blog said...

It was an odd martini - with sugar on the rim of the glass - sends shivers through me just thinking of it. Now give me a margarita or salty dog...

Anonymous said...

I love this post! The only thing that could have made the evening better is if I could have attended. Fav part is the pic where your painting is upside down! I love you Lou!
Love Anny

Bag Blog said...

Anny, if you had been there, we would have been really bad together. You know me way too well and we are way too much alike. We should definitely do a paint and drink party together.