Friday, February 01, 2013

Love Me; Love Me Not

Only one art student showed up on Tuesday. It could have been the weather, which was stormy, although it cleared off by art time. It could be that people are just busy and art takes a backseat to other things.  It does make me feel un-loved. The one little art girl that did come is very good. It was a pleasure to work one-on-one with her. We did something totally different that usual. We found an Impressionist painting that we liked (and thought we could do) and started painting.  We picked American Impressionist Frank Benson's 1909 painting titled Sunlight.  I do love his work - such great light and fun brushwork. This is the start of my painting. Maybe I will finish it up today.

Yesterday I went to WF to see the moms and Jesse.  Once again my mom chose to have lunch with her new beau rather than me. It is great that she has a beau and is doing fun things with him. I really don't mind. On the other hand, she goes to lunch with him all the time, and I only come over once a week or so.  Toby's mom dropped everything and changed her hair appointment to have lunch with Jesse and me.  It is good to feel loved.

After lunch, I did visit with Mom for a little while before picking Jesse up from school to go shopping. Mom chose not to go with us for whatever reason. Jesse has two events this weekend that require fancy dresses. We picked out a very nice dress and some shoes. Shopping with Jesse is always fun. We laughed and were silly as usual. We had dinner at On the Border. It is good to spend time with the ones you love.

You know how Jesse often confuses words, well, she did it again.  When I called her yesterday morning to make plans to come to WF, she mentioned that Robert (Mom's beau) was feeling better. I said, "Oh, has Robert been sick?"  She said, "Yes, he has tuberculosis."  In my mind, I knew he did not have tuberculosis, but I did not laugh at her. When I questioned Mom, she said he had bronchitis. I love that girl!


Buck Pennington said...

It is good to feel loved.

Well, **I** love ya (in that brotherly sorta way). I'd drop what ever I was doin' if ya came to visit.

I find it interesting when you post works-in-progress coz the process fascinates me as much as the end result. You sure have a LOT o' brushes!

Bag Blog said...

I love ya back, Buck. You are a good blogger buddy and when I have come to see you, you dropped everything.

The brushes are for my students. I buy cheap student sets for them - they are rough students.

Stefan said...

I probably shouldn't gush, but the painting (even at a distance) is very romantic. I love most of the impressionist stuff. No bikini's back then, but you can tell she attracted people like moths to a lamp.

There's a wonderful French song I like called "Jusqu’à Pearlydam" that tells of a woman who waits by the sea for her love to return. She reasons that the Earth is round, so he must return.


My English translation:

He dreamed to see the islands in the sun
He wanted to escape, He found the days always the same

I loved him
But what to do to keep A bird in its cage
Who has decided to fly away

Since the Earth is round, I've always said
That after traveling around the world
He would return one day

And I saw him leave for Pearlydam, dam, dam
On a pretty summer morning
But he could not know that Pearlydam, dam, dam
No one has ever gone before

At age twenty
It is necessary to challenge the powerful
Without reason for glory
Towards the North, he left the port

As the Earth is round, He'll return one day
The others despair, But I'm still waiting

And I saw him leave for Pearlydam, dam, dam
On a pretty summer morning

But he could not know that Pearlydam, dam, dam
No one has ever gone before

I'm sure he has found his Pearlydam, dam, dam
At the end of the wharf, I'm still waiting

And when he returns from Pearlydam, dam, dam
I shall find again my love

Stefan said...

Oh, I also remembered an old Celtic song about a woman waiting for her love to come back from the sea:

Fear a' Bhàta

Stefan said...

Bag Blog said...

That is the feeling that I got from the painting.Frank Benson, the original artist was from Maine and often painted his family - this painting was of his wife.

I will look at the videos. Where are you from, Stefan?

Stefan said...

I'm from Gresham, Oregon originally. Haven't been there in 30 years though. My mother was from France, so that's the only connection I have with the language. Never been there myself. We used to go to the beach every year, which was a major carnival, with five kids. My feeling was, if I never went to sea, it would be a good thing! I didn't mind the view though, and the beach fun.

Jo Castillo said...

I really like the painting, too. I should do that more often. I have an adult student next week and my friend Gen will be here, maybe Gen and I can find a painting before the class. Thanks!

Jo Castillo said...

I forgot to say that you are loved from afar. Jesse's words make me laugh. Gene has been calling his neurologist a urologist. Sigh..... Is that 'cause he has a pea brain?

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Jo. I'm like Gene; I get all those ologists mixed up.