Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Storm That Wasn't

Toby spent a large part of Sunday afternoon getting ready for the big storm, since Henny Penny and Chicken Little, local weathermen, said the sky would fall.  And maybe parts of OK did get some serious snow, but not us.  We did get some much needed rain, but it did not even freeze here.

Sunday was warm and breezy, but the weathermen were predicting snow and ice and gusts of wind up to 75 mph in parts of OK to come in on Monday. We were certainly prepared for the worst.  After my tutoree left on Monday, I built a fire and curled up with a good book. I took a nap and drugs, because my sinuses were wacko.The house was cozy and ready. About 4:00 PM it quit raining and large feathery snow flakes started to fall. Crud! I'd forgotten to feed the chickens. The ground was soggy due to the rain which had fallen all morning. Now with the big wet snow flakes beginning to stick to the grass, I thought I'd better put on my new mud boots. The new mud boots were my Christmas present from Toby - after the December water leak, I needed new boots.  I got matching gloves too. Does that man know how to treat his woman or what?! Buttoning up my warm coat, Max and I headed out to the chickens. He was funny with the snow landing on him - made him giddy and playful.

With the chickens fed and eggs gathered, I came in to make a Mexican stew with cornbread - just right for a cold evening. I was ready for the snow.

By the time Toby got home around 5:30 PM, there was no snow at all. What had stuck, had now melted. The lights blinked on and off a few times last night. Maybe someone somewhere was having a rough go, but it was not us.

This morning there were lots of puddles, but no ice - did not even freeze. Once again, Henny Penny and Chicken Little got it wrong. But I'm very thankful for the moisture and the lack of serious storm. Now we have sunshine.  I just hung my towels and jeans on the clothesline. Come on spring!


Buck Pennington said...

Henny Penny's cousin must live in NM. Channel (whatever) out of ABQ had a big article on the "blizzard" warnings posted for Clovis and P-Ville. They were kinda close, in that Clovis got eight inches and we got four. Amarillo got the lvin' Hell kicked out of 'em... there really were 75 mph winds and LOTS o' snow. That was the BIG news item yesterday; several people died.

I'm glad y'all dodged that bullet. It was pretty ugly in the Panhandle.

Nice boots!

Bag Blog said...

That would probably be Turkey Lurkey in Albuquerque :)

Becky G said...

I know a lot of my friends in Kansas and Missouri got lots of snow. All we got was rain and mud. Rylea loves to play in the snow, but we haven't had enough this year for her to even bother with.

Bag Blog said...

I can live without the snow as long as we get some rain.

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