Monday, March 04, 2013

Birthday and Motorcycle Pics

For those of you who have followed Jesse's Skybag blog, you may remember that she and Lindz killed her motorcycle down on the Red River. After riding through the mud and river, it broke down. They had to push it for miles to get to a road where it could be loaded up and brought home.  It sat for almost a year in the barn before Toby decided he could not fix it and took it to a mechanic. The mechanic kept it for almost a year. We got it back this weekend still needing some muffler work. Toby welded on it and viola! (Practicing my French) Jesse took several trips around the property. She posted this silly pic on FB. Toby and I have noticed that she is not above posting silly pics of her parents. Here is one she posted at the birthday party where Toby was being silly with Mr T.

Speaking GBN1's birthday, I did promise pics.  It is hard to believe she is nine years old now.  When asked what she wanted for her birthday, she said that she wanted a Betta fish. When Jesse asked her parents if she could get the Betta fish for GBN1, Bo said no. So, Jesse got GBN1 a hermit crab. That'll teach him. Just be glad she did not buy the bunnies and rabbit hutch - that was her first thought.

Her parents bought GBN1 a chef's jacket and made little gift certificates for promised cooking lessons with various people. I'm not sure what GBN1 thought of the jacket and was confused about the cooking lessons, but after getting a hermit crab all other gifts were unimportant.  The cake was beautiful and so were my GGs.  GBN2 had a hard time not being the center of attention. Not to be left out, here is Mr. T.


Buck Pennington said...

Great pics, as always. Looks like it was a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...
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Bag Blog said...

Thanks, it was a good weekend. I thought you'd like the motorcycle photo - I can have that blown up for ya if ya want:)

Buck Pennington said...

Jesse's bike is EXACTLY the same color scheme as my old Yamaha XT225. I had some great good times on that bike.