Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Eiffle Tower and Versailles

The weather was a big issue while in Paris. We knew the forecast was calling for snow, so we were seeing what we could that required being outside and saving the indoor stuff for the snow days.  The second full day in Paris saw us at the Eiffel Tower and Versailles - making for a really full day.

Since my cousins live just a block or two from the Eiffel Tower, we started there. This is how the bottom looked and here was our view from the top. It was much colder at the top. In fact, after leaving the Eifflel Tower, we stopped by the apartment to dress warmer. Then we had a bit of lunch at a sidewalk cafe. French fries!
Next we caught the Metro to Versailles without incident. Versailles was awesome - so ornate and over the top. Who could not be impressed! We got separated from Barbara here, which caused me a bit of distress. It is not that I didn't think we would find each other, but it was the worry about what would the other person be doing or thinking. Barbara was great.  Jesse and I did take a few silly pics. Here is the Hall of Mirrors. The gardens would have been lots of fun to see, but being winter, it was not so fun. Statues were still covered and there were no flowers yet. We were a bit bushed anyways, and so we just did a little walking outside before finding our way back to the Metro (actually the RER).


Buck Pennington said...

The interiors at Versailles are indeed over the top. The gardens and grounds, OTOH, are simply a marvelous place for young kids to play. Go ahead... ask me how I know. ;-)

When I was a boy the fountains at Versailles were on all the time. When I took Paula there for the first time we were amazed that the fountains were on a schedule, only turned on at certain times during the time and then for only a few minutes. The downside o' that... and it's a BIG downside... is the STENCH when the water's turned on. Keeping the water moving prohibits the growth of bacteria and algae, turning it off and then turning it on, briefly, makes the place smell like a sewage treatment plant. Ugh.

Once again: great pics!

Buck Pennington said...

...during the time... should be "during the DAY."

I'm not fully caffeinated yet.

Bag Blog said...

I would love to have seen the gardens when the fountains were going and the flowers were blooming. If there is a next time, I think I would spend the whole day wondering the gardens, since I have seen the Hall of Mirrors.

Jo Castillo said...

Too cold for me! Great photos and stories.