Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Day 2 of the Whole 30

Yesterday's post was no joke - we are on the Whole 30 diet. I did weigh, measure, and photograph myself, which was horrifying.  I measured Toby too. I think I can do this diet (thanks to the coconut milk in my coffee), and I want Toby to succeed. Just the mention of the word "diet" sends him into a tailspin. I had a good size portion of meat set out for supper last night, knowing Toby would be hungry.  Never mind that I sent more food than usual in his lunch. Sure enough, he hit the door at 5:30 with, "Where's my supper? I'm starving!" Probably, it was more of a joke, but still. The only other problem I see is social eating - where you get invited to eat or party with others who are not on the diet. But, we will face that if it happens.

To make supper more special, I set the table on the patio - the weather was perfect for eating outside. Last night a cold front blew in. Today we have a high of 54 predicted with howling winds. I don't mind the cooler temps, but I hate the wind.

The art girls cometh today - should be a good day.
I love this picture. Mr. T can make some serious faces. This is his very sad face that he makes when he wants his mama.  It makes me laugh, and it makes me want to kiss away the sad.


Buck said...

Once again... good luck with the diet.

Our WX turned nasty, too. It's COLD... 34 as we speak... and raining. I like the rain, but...

OldAFSarge said...

Social eating, definitely a problem.

Mr T has an excellent sad face. He's adorable!