Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Maybe Next Week

Twice Toby has turned off the pilot lights to the heaters. Twice it has turned cold. There could be a correlation here, but I'm thinking Toby has some wishful thinking and jumped the gun. He also had me get out the summer clothes, but they are still in the storage bin in the bedroom floor for us to trip over. Maybe next week I will get them sorted and the winter clothes put up. Not today.

Today we are getting rain, glorious rain and it is a bit chilly.  Since we got a rain last week, this rain is standing in puddles and running down the pasture to fill the pond. Maybe next week we can plant the garden.

The Whole 30 diet is going well. I've lost four pounds, and Toby has lost more (dang it). It is a do-able diet, but I do miss cream in my coffee. That is the one thang I don't want to give up. Both Toby and Jess have been drinking coffee black while I have been using coconut milk. Jesse says she may give up coffee all together. Whoa now! Let's not do anything drastic. All together since I started being more serious about diet and getting ready for Paris, I've lost nine pounds. Don't get excited about that. I lost that nine pounds before Thanksgiving and put it back on over Christmas. The good news is that while in Paris, I did not watch my diet at all, ate what I wanted, and kept my weight off - even lost a pound. After getting home, I gained a pound or two.  Moral of this story: I must move to Paris.

My computer is slowly making a come-back. I re-installed my photo Canon disk and found my photos. I've been bookmarking my favorites so I can find them easily.  My cordless mouse is working again - thanks to Toby. And I have my email set up, although I'm missing all my old email. Maybe next week I will have it all working. I don't really need my old email, except for Buck's email on how to link things in a comment. I could look that up myself, but that email was just so handy. You are probably getting the real picture now. I'm lazy. Well, this is the Lazy B.


Buck said...

Jesse says she may give up coffee all together. Whoa now! Let's not do anything drastic.

Drastic, indeed. My heart would stop if I gave up coffee.

I think I need to move to Paris too, but my reasons are slightly different than yours.

Barbara said...

Moving to the Paris is the best statement ever!

Bag Blog said...

You need to move to France, but Paris may be too big for you after life in Portales.

Bag Blog said...

We should go back for some springtime weather.

Jo Castillo said...

Ah, Lou. HEB has no fat Half and Half. It is very good. I shake it well and float the bubbles on my coffee like a latte. It is also keeps well in the fridge so I get a quart and use it till it runs out and I don't drink cream in coffee except in the afternoon. Hope you can find some.

We are having the same spring. Sue brought all summer clothes from Michigan and we had to loan her long sleeves. Heh.

Bag Blog said...

I would be so disappointed if I had to wear "warmer clothes" while visiting the Hill Country. I love to see Austin in the spring.