Friday, May 10, 2013

Mini Vacation

Toby and I are on a mini-vacation. While I was off in Paris, Toby signed up for some give-away at Bass Pro Shop. Instead of winning anything, he got lots of phone calls wanting him to take a vacation package. They finally made it worth his while and here we are on our way to Branson, MO. We left Jesse in charge of dogs and feeding chickens. She finished up finals and some ceramic stuff yesterday. She has big plans this summer for some traveling and a possible internship, so we did not feel bad about taking a weekend and leaving her at home.

I brought my camera along, but forgot the cord to the computer. I will blog or not - this is a vacation, ya know.  I will have to wait until later to post any pics.

Our trip started off with a short jaunt to McAlester, OK, which is about half way to Branson. We wanted to start the trip so that we have all day to kick around tomorrow before we get to Branson. We like to explore. So far the funniest part of the trip is Toby and I trying to talk when neither of us hear so well. It makes for some interesting conversations. Ex: I was telling Toby that I often have trouble with certain words and have to stop and think before I use a word - like curve and curb. Toby replied, "What's a ferb?"

I also have to stop and think before I speak on "Calvary or cavalry."


Buck said...

Have fun! Who ya gonna see in Branson?

Bag Blog said...

We did one of those vacation thangs where you get the cheap vacation and have to listen to their speech on time shares. So far. so good.

Jo Castillo said...

We have seen Branson that way, too. Have fun. McAlister is a nice place, we used to eat at a family style Italian restaurant, don't remember the name. Very good!

Words are tricky .. same hearing problem in our house! Smile.