Thursday, July 11, 2013

Booboo's Zoo and Eatery

Since getting back home last Sunday, I have been catching up. I'm not there yet. Every day this week has taken me outside the house. Today is more of the same. It seems that all of our cars needed oil changes - so I have driven different vehicles to town on different days. Then there's groceries.

Yesterday I picked up GBN1 for her birthday cooking lesson. For her last b-day, she received a card signed by me for one cooking class. Yesterday, I fulfilled that b-day card by making this peach pie with GBN1.  She did well, but was a bit distracted by Booboo's Zoo. Kittens and dogs came and went in the house, and they are much more interesting than pie. Then there is the big zipper spider on the back porch. I let him live because he is a bug eater and he is beautiful in a creepy sort of way. GBN1 said he "creeped her out." Now where did she get that?  We did kill the black spider that had a huge web and eggs, 'cause he creeped me out as well as GBN1. Okay, all spiders creep me out. Just taking this photo gave me the shivers. 

The biggest distraction was the Scissortail flycatcher nest in the tree right outside the kitchen door.The nest has three baby birds. The Scissortail parents do not seem to sit on the nest much, but they keep watch from other perches. They did not bother GBN1 who got quite close to the nest.  But the birds dive-bomb my Great Dane, who could care less. Now and then he makes a half-hearted snap at them. This sent GBN1 into fits of giggles. And it is pretty funny to see two Scissortails attacking a huge black dog. I did not get a pic of the birds and dog in action, but it was highly entertaining.

Although the pie turned out delicious, the critters here at Booboo's Zoo were more fascinating. Booboo was one tired granny when the day was over.  Now I'm off to Ardmore to get the Camry serviced. One of these days, I will stay home all day and do the things I want to do.


Buck said...

I let him live because he is a bug eater and he is beautiful in a creepy sort of way.

I'm a "live and let live" kinda guy when it comes to creepy-crawlies... UNLESS they invade my space, and then it's WAR. I've been known to employ weapons o' mass destruction, too, of the chemical sort.

Nice pictures... and it sounds like ya had a very good day.

Bag Blog said...

I feel the same way about creepy-crawlies. As long as they are outside, I'm okay. If they get too close, they are goners.

Becky G said...

Spiders kind of creep me out, too. I usually let them live, though, unless they are in the bathtub.

Bag Blog said...

What is it with spiders and bathtubs? Worse is spiders falling out of the towel and into the bathtub with me.