Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Some Jungle Photos

Jesse has been posting some awesome photos on her FB, but most have been of her trip to Sarayaku to build a kiln for Rebekah. I stole some of her photos from that part of the trip as well as some that she took while we were at the Arajuno Jungle Lodge. Many times on the trip, one of had our camera out and took photos, so the other did not take any photos.Jesse had these great photos of our authentic Indigenous meal we ate these palm beetles after playing with them first.
our trip up the river and arrival at the lodgeour swim after arriving at the lodge 
 Tom showing us around his jungle property - explaining how the turtles lay their eggs on the beach.
Tom's pond where he grows fish and turtles. A turtle from his pond. We all carefully played with it, but did not eat it. Tom fitted us out with jungle boots for our hike the next day. and William taking us on the jungle hike. View of property from a little ways up the mountain. Our room was in the wood building on the right.

These last few pics are from Jesse's earlier trip to Sarayaku
with her professors.
And several photos of Rebekah and her lady potters.Notice the hammocks in the background. Jesse said the ladies would take a machete to sharpen a long stick and then make a quick hammock with sheets to keep their babies happy while they worked.  She also said that working with the ladies was like being at a quilting bee - all the ladies were giggling and visiting.


John said...

Amazing story and pics about your trip Lou. Can't imagine a life like you guys witnessed. I'm sure this was a trip you'll never forget. Thanks for sharing kiddo.

Bag Blog said...

It is always interesting to see how others live. The Ecuadorian people are a happy folk.

Buck said...

I'll have to come back to this post when I'm less tired. I did scan the pics and my first thought was "Nice Wellies!" (I used to have some o' those. Really. Srsly.)

Diane Huffington said...

Woohh! I can't imagine you guys eating those palm beetles..
But your adventure is interesting..I just don't have the nerves to try those palm beetles.


Bag Blog said...

"Wellies?" I assume you mean the mud boots. They were common wear of everyone in the jungle and all over Ecuador. Mine were so tight around my calves that when we waded into a stream, everyone else had to pour water out of their boot, but not me.

Buck said...

Yeah, I meant the boots. The Brits call 'em "Wellies." Don't ask me why. The Nihonjin call 'em "machi boots," "machi" bein' "city." Ain't I a veritable FOUNT o' useless info? ;-)

Time to hit the road.

Jo Castillo said...

I would not have liked or tried the beetles! Yikes! We took a similar trip on the Amazon in Iquitos, Peru. I do not like boats and we got on and started up the river, where it is a mile wide, and I realized we were about 30 people and there were about 20 life vests. Sigh.... Love the photos and your stories.