Friday, March 28, 2014


Jesse posted her latest print on her FB page last night. Naming your print is apparently important in her class. She is considering titling this piece Strangers in the Night or You Kind of Smell.  She received lots of good comments concerning the print and what to call it. I think her animal theme is fun. This print goes well with her Roadrunner. 
I love the color in both prints. Print making is such interesting stuff - layering on the color with each printing. Jesse has also been doing the animal theme in her ceramics too. Her classmate, the game warden, brought her a dead coyote so she could have a closer look - to get her ceramic coyote just right. When I told her the dogs killed a baby armadillo and left it in the yard, she asked if I had saved it in the fridge so she could look at it. I had actually considered it.


Ex Bootneck said...

Lou, it looks like Jesse has artfully nailed the print concept pretty well; an easy ten out of ten from this side of the pond. I would doff my cap to her if I was wearing one!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, EB. She does some interesting art and she is good at it.

Stefan said...

I had this mouse somewhere under my kitchen cabinet. I could hear him gnawing late at night. I finally found the secret sauce, having given-up on cheese, was to smear a little margarine on the trap. Had my coffee in the morning, and no dead mouse :-( Then it wasn't a minute later I heard a SNAP! So I threw him in the freezer until trash day, so he wouldn't go ripe in my trash can.

I think Pepelepew would appreciate Frank singing Strangers in the Night !

Bag Blog said...

On Jesse's FB page, one commenter had all sorts of Pepe le Pew sayings. Pretty funny!

Jesse used to catch mice in the barn and give them to her chickens or sometimes save them for a friend who had a snake. Yuk.

Jo Castillo said...

I just love these. So colorful and cute.

My cousin had a pet skunk (de-smellified) and they used to take him and set him on someone's doorstep and ring the bell. A wonder they or the skunk never got shot.

Bag Blog said...

I saw a video on FB where a guy would put a skunk out at a beach. Pretty funny!