Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Fix the Problem

After sitting around on my ice for a few weeks nursing my hamstring, working out is difficult. It's like starting over. But I have been working out again this past couple of weeks. I gotta get ready for Machu Picchu. It is incentive. I am reading "Turn Right at Machu Picchu," to workout my brain - have some knowledge of the area. It is a funny story, but yet, it is kind of scaring me as to how hard the hike is. The tour guide said it was their "easiest hike." Yeah right. Anyway, I am getting excited about our trip, but a bit nervous too.

A New Mexico story:
Years ago we owned a mare named Jolene Reward. She was a handsome horse from good horse stock - Doc Bar/Goldalena - quarter-horse with lots of ranch savvy. We took Jolene over to the CS Ranch to have her bred to their stud horse. If you don't know anything about NM ranches, follow the link above. The CS Ranch has lots of history going back to the Maxwell Land Grant and Charles and Frank Stewart. Anyway, The Davis family, descendants of Frank Springer, owns and runs the CS Ranch. They are some serious horse people - serious ranchers. When we went to 4H horse camp in Albuquerque (about 1994), one of the Davis wives was an instructor. Mrs. Davis was probably six months pregnant at the time and sitting in the saddle teaching teenagers how to ride. Amazing lady! Her sister-in-law, who ran part of the CS Ranch, was also amazing. As the daughter to Les and Linda Davis, Kim knew her horses and ranching. When we took our mare to be bred, she met us and showed us around. Carrying a child on one hip and a five gallon water jug, she walked us out to the stud horses. Her stallion was handsome - I think his name was Mr. Snooper Bid or something like that. Anyway, there was also a stallion that she was boarding for a friend. This horse was not so good-looking. She explained to us that she was only keeping it for a friend and that it was way too ugly to be bred to any mare - ever. Her words concerning the stallion, "I could fix that problem." meaning she would like to geld the horse. I loved that line.
Here is a pic of the mare that was the outcome of breeding Jolene with Mr. Snooper Bid.

Back to the present:
My Great Dane is doing much better. He is staying around the house very well. He goes in his new pen when asked to do so. He has been coming inside to lay around thinking he is a house dog. The only problem is our new neighbors (not the ones who shot him). They have two dogs - a female beagle and some sort of ugly mix of a dog. These dogs come over all the time to play with Max and Jack, my dogs. The problem is that the ugly mixed dog is not fixed and the female beagle is in heat. It still causes my neutered dogs to be stupid.  The ugly mixed dog usually plays well with Max, but now he is all macho acting. That causes Jack the Red Healer to be grouchy. Fights break out. Anyway, in the words of the Kim, Rancher Lady from the CS Ranch, I could fix that problem. 


Stefan said...

I think a pistol and a trip to the back 40 would "fix" them.

Moogie P said...

I'm excited about your trip, too! I feel your pain about the beagle in heat thing. Our Mysti is getting close and the stupid hits Bouie from time to time.

Jo Castillo said...

Beautiful mare. Wow.

Wish we could go as guides to Macchu Pichu with you guys. I just loved it there. The hikes around the ruins aren't bad or are you planning on hiking in? Gene can tell you about that. I went on to the ruins, sat on the balcony of the hotel and drank wine and waited for the hikers. Hmmmm.

Still no decision about the Big 12 Tournament, our Horns haven't been too exciting this year. Ha.

Bag Blog said...

I would not shoot their dog, but I would use the bb gun to scare them off. Yesterday, the Ugly Mix was standing on the chicken tractor trying to get to the chickens. Our dogs run around the chicken tractor, but have never stood on the top of it. It is made of chicken wire and does not hold the weight of a dog very well. Out came the bb gun.

Bag Blog said...

I have to admit that my Great Dane trying to mate with a Beagle was a funny site. And my Dane is fixed.

Bag Blog said...

I thought you might like reading about the NM ranches, since you have lived that life.

We are doing a four day hike, bike, zip-line, etc. to Machu Picchu. We will stay in hostels or homes. So it might be a bit like Gene's hike or maybe it is more like a tourist trek.

I have not looked at the baseball tournament website to check on things. Let me know.

Jo Castillo said...

Your trip sounds very exciting. The main problem for most is the altitude but you guys are used to the mountains. They hike on the Inca trails which are "paved" in most places.