Tuesday, May 13, 2014


At 7 AM when I went to exercise, it was hot and humid. I had a 9:15 appointment in town, so I showered and dressed in my summer capris and t-shirt thinking that it would just get warmer. When I got in the car at 9 AM, the temp said 75. I turned on the air conditioner. Fifteen minutes later as I got to the edge of town, I noticed it was a bit cool for me. Looking down at the temp, it now said it was 61. Since the wind was blowing, it was quite cold in my summer outfit. After my appointment, my next stop was Tractor Supply for dog food and chicken feed. I bought a man's long sleeve flannel shirt off the $2.00 rack to keep me warm and rolled my capris down. My feet were cold in sandals, but I was better. I ran several other town errands and went to meet Toby for lunch. By this time, I was not feeling great. After lunch I went home and slept. The rest of the afternoon and evening were not so great with a low-grade fever.  I stayed up to watch "The Backlist" finale, but I was not feeling good. This morning I am much better - don't know what that little fever was all about, but I hope it is gone.

Jesse's last full semester was over this past week (she will do her student teaching in the fall). She came home on Friday sick with a cold. After snuggling on the couch with a blanket and a book, she was better by Monday. Of course, she did laundry over the weekend - isn't that a given when you come home from college?  All weekend the wind was howling - gusting up to 40 MPH. At one point Jesse said, "Oh no, I forgot my jeans on the line." I replied that they had probably blown over to the neighbor's. She said, "Yeah, they've probably been all shot up."  Funny girl!


Comtesse au marché aux puces said...

"...jeans on the line" I had to chuckle, because my daughter thinks I'm crazy for putting things on a clothes line. Ma! 1950 is calling, and they want their clothes line back !

Bag Blog said...

Hanging clothes on the line is one of my favorite chores - maybe it does take me back to my childhood when my mom did the same. Or maybe I'm part Italian - they hang everything on the clothes line.

on the line said...

I like the smell of clothes dried outdoors. Course I guess that depends on where you hang them. I can't imagine the Italians hanging their clothes over the streets and alleys smell any better, ha.