Friday, May 30, 2014

May Fly By

Where did May go?  It is funny how some months drag and others fly. May flew by. I've been so focused on ending tutoring, ending art class, preparing for vacation, healing the pulled hamstring, getting over mi inferma, etc. that things have gone rather fast.

The good news is that I am well. The leg is much better. I have been riding my bike and working out. My jogging is not where it was before, but I don't plan on jogging much anyway :) The bike riding is going okay - it is always a good workout. Mostly I want to be ready for our bike ride in Peru, which is suppose to be downhill. The bike ride in Ecuador was suppose to be downhill, but there was about three miles of serious uphill at an altitude that I was not prepared for - not to mention my tires were flat. I did not do well on that trip. I am not ashamed to say that I got in the truck/sag wagon. This time, I would like to keep up with the youngsters a bit more. Lord help me.

I have done some art. I did a quick watercolor of the view from my studio window. Jesse said she loved it. That is high praise.  Jesse is tough on me when it comes to art. I'll try to get a photo of my art and add it later.
Update: Here is the photo of my painting. I took the photo with my phone - had to email it to myself rather than figuring out how to move it from my phone to computer, but I think I have another idea on how to do it.

Earlier this week, I met my sister and niece in WF. We went out to eat with Mom and my SIL, which was a very silly, fun time. My sister and I stayed up late talking and giggling. I saw this poster on Pinterest - it pretty well sums up how I feel about my sister.
Yesterday we got new internet service. My old internet had been okay, but when I asked them if I could have a faster package, they said they did not have a faster service in my area. Such is life in the country. So, I called a different company. They were able to fix us up with a faster tower - Yay! Toby and I watched a movie last night - streamed it!  Wow, are we moving up in the techie world! So, I will have new email and have to do some switching around, but I'm tickled.

Anyway, it has been busy, but I think I am going to make it. Let the summer begin!


Jo Castillo said...

Boy, that is good news all around. Having good internet sure helps my life. We went from satellite to hot spot and it is about as fast and half as costly! Country internet and phone service is not good.

Glad you are feeling better, too. Looking forward to the painting!

Bag Blog said...

The new internet is much better! I even go the painting posted, although I need to learn a better way to do it next time. I did not mess with the lighting on the photo - that it is just how it turned out.