Thursday, October 02, 2014

Campaigning and Work.

A few posts ago, I mentioned that a young friend of ours is running for district judge. One of the best campaign strategies has been the purchase of lots of yellow t-shirts with Josh's name. We show up at all sorts of county events wearing our yellow t-shirts, and we are a force to reckon with. We do get noticed.

The past couple of weeks (since Jesse's art show) I have been campaigning for Josh by "door hanging" with the other yellow minions.  A group of us ladies wearing our yellow t-shirts have been hitting the little towns in the county and hanging pamphlets on doors. We don't do every door in every town. We have a list of addresses of past voters. We try to follow a map of addresses. Let me tell you that it has been interesting. 
Some of these little towns have beautiful homes sitting next door to junk homes that should be burned to the ground. It is amazing. And sometimes people live in those junkers. They make for some interesting folk.

Since we are not "door knocking" but just "door hanging," we don't have to do much talking to folk. Every now and then, we get "a live one" - people outside or that come to the door.  I kind of like visiting with people, but I don't want to be a bother. My speech is short, "Hi, we are out campaigning today for Josh Creekmore who is running for district judge." or something like that, and I hand them the pamphlet. So far most people have been very friendly - even the lady who said, "Oh Josh." I asked her if she knew Josh, and she replied, "Yes, he is my husband's divorce lawyer. "

The walking through small communities has been my exercise, lately.  And we do lots of walking. Then when I have not been campaigning this week, I have been helping put the ceiling up on the house.  We are doing a wood ceiling similar to what is in the rest of the house. I usually cut and sand the boards before the boys nail them up.  It is coming along well. It is not really hard work, but it requires me standing lots. There is some heavy lifting, and of course, lots of movement with my right arm. It has been warm, but with a breeze is has not been unbearable. I have a heat rash under my right arm. By the end of the day, I am worn out.  Yesterday as it got close to lunch and we had been working non-stop for four hours, I told the boys that I needed to smoke a cigarette and drink some coffee as my dad would have done. I actually had a bite to eat and then a little nap while the boys went home for lunch.

Today the boys will be working on the walls. I am not needed for this. Instead, I will go to Walmart and have lunch with Toby and rest up a bit. I would like to say that all this work has caused me to lose weight, but hard work seems to cause a large appetite and justification to eat more. At least I don't gain weight with all the extra work. I'm maintainin'.


Jo Castillo said...

You have your work cut out for you, eh? As Joanna's 6 year old friend said, "Let Joanna do it, she is a big girl with some sense!" Good thing you are strong. I like the cigarette break philosophy.

Bag Blog said...

I may need Joanna. Actually, the house renovation will be over soon as will the campaigning. Yay!

Anonymous said...

My problem is I like casserole type dishes. So I go into withdrawals with just protein fortified meals. I do buy steam-ables as I really like corn, peas, and brussel sprouts. But give me a big plate of macaroni or tuna salad and I'm suddenly peppy...

Bag Blog said...

I like those casserole type dishes and anything with pasta - one of my downfalls.