Wednesday, December 31, 2014

End of 2014

Since it is the last day of 2014, I thought I'd get in one last post.  Looking back at the year, my posting has grown less and less. My stories are mostly journal type stuff - dull stuff. I consider stopping my blog all together. In Feb. I will have been blogging for ten years. It seems enough. Then I think maybe I will continue to post, but only post on art. We will see. I change my mind often. But I don't seem to have the same drive for blogging that I used to have. Maybe my life is duller. But maybe there is a story or two left in me.

We took GBN2 with us to WF yesterday. Jesse is buying a house and we had the "walk-through" with the inspector. It happened to be GBN2's birthday, so she went with us. The day was cold - as in 25 with a strong north wind making it feel even colder. Our first stop was Starbuck's where GBN2 got a hot chocolate with caramel. It was the highlight of her day - having never been to a Starbuck's. Her parents can thank us later :) Then we moved on to Jesse's house, where GBN2 declared it a good house with a great backyard. After looking at the house, we went by to see Great-Gran. At about 6 PM, it started to rain/freeze. We had planned on a nice supper somewhere fun for GBN2, but with the weather turning bad, we decided to eat somewhere faster. We ended up eating at Market Street grocery store. They have good pizza by the slice and a great salad bar not to mention the individual desserts choices.  GBN2 chose some sort of fancy chocolate cake. We sang Happy Birthday to her, but had no candles. GBN2 said it was the best birthday ever. Of course she is easily pleased and has only had 8 birthdays to compare.

Tonight Toby and I will have a nice quiet evening. I will put on a pot of black-eyed peas for tomorrow. We will watch a movie and maybe drink a mimosa. Jes is going to a party. We could probably go too, but I think we will be home-bodies, again. May you all have a prosperous New Year.


Okie Dokie said...

Happy New Year! I tried blogging during my truck restoration, but it got old fast. I think family and art are more interesting.

Hey, I can't see driving all the way to Texas and not eating Mexican :-)

I have a very spotty memory of age 6 to age 10. I can remember my 2nd grade teacher not letting me go to the bathroom, so I pee'd in my chair and Mom had to bring me some clothes :-) Then she had a big fight with the teacher. I only remember it, because she reminded me every year, ha. The teacher didn't make it through the whole year, she had to have shock therapy and became insane. I don't men to scare your daughter, but if kids are peeing in your classroom, you need to lighten up :-)

So I wish your grand-daughter a good long-term memory, and nicer teachers... Bon Appétit !

Bag Blog said...

I have not found any great Mexican food in Wichita Falls, but then I'm a bit picky when it comes to Mexican food.

Jes is pretty tough. She will make it the year anyway.

Happy New Year.

Jo Castillo said...

Happy New Year. I haven't found any good Mexican food in Texas anywhere. Ha! Could be I only like New Mexican food. There is a restaurant in Austin, The Texican, that has flat enchiladas with an egg on top. Fairly close.

Our second grade teacher was good, the third grade teacher had it hard. She used to hit us on the head with her middle finger knuckle. Ouch!!

Love the birthday story. ....And all your stories. I would so miss your blog...... I keep thinking I should only do art but then all the stories are part of me and my art, so....... You, too, I think.

Bag Blog said...

I will eat TexMex, Mexican, and New Mexican food - as long as it is good. Unfortunately, just because a person is a Texan or a Mexican or a New Mexican doesn't make him a good cook. I think I cook more TexMex, but I love New Mexican when I can get it - like your breakfast with green chiles and garlic and potatoes.