Monday, January 05, 2015

Sometimes Crazy

My "R" key is not working well. I have to hit it and roll my finger around to make it work - sometimes. Sometimes it works - sometimes not. Sometimes I end up making several r's.  It makes me a bit crazy. I thought I would type and not worry about it and see what happens. I may or may not go back and correct my mistakes. If I type really hard, it works better. I need a new keyboard. Some words I don't notice are wrong, because they are real words without the r - the spell checker doesn't notice them, and neither do I. So, if you see some word that does not make sense and think WTH is wrong with Lou. It is my keyboard.

Speaking of crazy, my mom has been telling people that I am trying to put her in a "nursing home". I'm not, but if I say that I'm not trying to put her in a nursing home, it makes her sound like she is crazy. If she is crazy, then I should be trying to put her in a nursing home :) Actually, my mom's memory is slipping. She has trouble focusing on and remembering things. Sometimes she is great and sometimes not. Sometimes when she does focus on something, she has it all mixed up - part of that is her hearing. She does not get lost or anything like that, but she forgets appointments and conversations, etc. It can be funny. It can be upsetting. She wants me to help her and yet she resents my help also. I can deal with the resentment, but I don't always know when to push an issue or leave it lie.

My mom is a healthy, beautiful 83 year old. She has a boyfriend who takes her out to eat often and dancing twice a week. He takes her to the MSU basketball games and spends lots of time with her. It keeps her busy and engaged. I like that. The down side is that when she is alone, she often forgets her phone. She sometimes will remember how to use "call back" but sometimes not. She can be very difficult to reach. Would I like her to be in an assisted living where they cook her meals and check on her. Damn right I would. But I can't make her do that. For the past several years, she has said that when Jesse moves out, she will move to senior living facility. Last year we looked at a place, and she really liked it. Now, she is dead-set against it. What changed? Jesse is moving out soon. We will see how it all goes. I don't know what else I can do. Part of my New Year resolution is to spend more time with her. I wanted to share that on my blog - kind of a documentation of where I am and where I am going.


Jo Castillo said...

I think the R problem is you not the keyboard. You are rebeling against blogging!!

We did the same with Gene's mom. She looked at places and decided to stay put in Magdalena. Then she scared herself, I think, and just said one day, "I'm moving to Albuquerque to assisted living." They looked at the place near Virginia's, she liked it and moved in about a week later. She did well there. She always said to me that she didn't really care for it - the games, etc., but it was good and safe and they kept her busy so she wasn't sitting around in her room sulking. I never thought she could do it, she was too independent always did her own yardwork, housework, sewing, etc. She liked not having to drive to go shopping and such but would complain once in a while that she shouldn't have sold her car when she moved. She was 90 when she moved. I hope that works out for you, too.

Best for the New Year!

Bag Blog said...

I would rebel, but it has an r in the word.

Toby's mom had to be scared twice before she moved. She fell twice and laid in the floor all night and then spent a week in the hospital both times. I'm hoping Mom will not do anything dangerous, but will come to realize how much better it would be for her.

Anonymous said...

My mom had some surgery and they would pay for a nursing home, but not home health care (weird). So we told her it would only be for a week. She called crying like a baby, to please come and get her, because the place was unbearable. I thought it was so nice I was asking for a room myself! Some people just don't do well in paradise. My keyboard is seriously gimped, because I spilled some soup on it a month ago. I'm going to get a new one at office depot, as my laser printer paper is low, and combine the trip... It takes about 30 seconds for the shift key to come back up.

Moogie P said...

I'll be looking at that with my Daddy soon. He would hate it, but his breathing is getting to be so difficult.

Spring for the new keyboard -- you deserve it.

Bag Blog said...

Anon, we got a new printer for Christmas and will soon get a new keyboard.

My mother-in-law is in an assisted living. She has a one bedroom apartment with a kitchenette, all her meals, maid service, laundry service, etc. She loves it.

Bag Blog said...

Today the keyboard is a bit better. I guess it needed more exercise - like the rest of us.

Assisted living is much different than nursing home - depending on their needs. It is tough on us all.

Ex Bootneck said...

My youngest brother brought my Mother down to visit yesterday lunchtime (which was great as they also picked up 'fish & chips' along the way!) She is still as sharp as a razor with her wit and wisdom - that anyone within ear shot is entitled to.

Out of the three canines she kept calling out commands to the older one named Joss; "Joss come here" - "Joss sit" - "Joss do as your told" etc… I asked her why she was ordering poor Joss about, and she laughed; "Because when he was alive he wouldn't bloody listen - or do as he was told - at least this one does!"

Joss was my fathers name, who I named the Staffordshire Bull Terrier after…

On the other subject of the missing r… I have a good mate who is unable to pronounce his r's as he has a lisp, he gets through life by rolling with a w in place of an r, which has aways worked, even when we were Marines together. Unfortunately his parents named him Robin, though they did consider William at first. Such is life!

Yours Aye.

Bag Blog said...

My computer seems to be self-correcting its lisp. I'm not having to beat the r key, roll my finger, then backspace the extra r's. Sigh. Maybe it just needed a bit of attention.

Robin - that is funny. My nephew had a problem with R's and L's - pronouncing them with W's. When he started kindergarten, the teacher called his mother and said, "Do you know your son replaces his R's and L's with W's?" as if my SIL was an idiot. I told my SIL she should have acted surprised and said, "Oh Wiwwy!"

CenTexTim said...

We convinced my parents to move into an assisted living facility several years ago. Best thing we/they ever did. Good luck with your Mom.

Bag Blog said...

My MIL has been in assisted living for several years. It has been great for her. My mom knows that, but is just being stubborn.