Monday, February 09, 2015

Another Working Weekend

We spent the weekend working on Jesse's house, and we are still not finished.  It is just the way it goes. You think something will go quickly and you will get it all done, but it never goes the way you think. Something always takes longer or goes totally haywire.

We arrived at Jesse's house on Friday night hoping to get the cement board up around the tub. That way we would be able to start tiling on Saturday. My family showed up to help, bless their hearts. My sister from Amarillo had driven in for a weekend visit, so we (my brother and his family) all ended up at Jesse's. There was lots of talk, but not much work on Friday night. Toby and Jes left party to go buy a new fridge. Saturday morning we got an early start, but taking the old fridge to the scrap yard and picking up the new fridge was first on the list. Then buying the tile took longer than expected. Then the family arrived and the party started again. I should mention that my family was very helpful. They all jumped in and did lots of little things that needed doing. They also brought food and beer - what could be better than that!? My sister helped pick out paint for the dining room and then helped paint, while Toby and I worked on tiling in the bathroom. Although we got all the tile up, we did not get it grouted. The dining room did get finished and looked great.

I am so stinking sore and tired! Jesse wanted me to come back over this week to grout the bathroom. I may have to have some recovery time. While moving the old fridge out, I manged to mash two fingers - just the tips of two fingers on my left hand. I could still work - dang it. I also have various cuts and bruises. My arms may fall off at anytime.

As we drove home last night, Toby said, "Ya know, if we do any more tile projects, we should invest in a new tile saw." Really! 'Cause I'm thinking we are getting too old for tile projects.

Here is a photo of my mom and the new rug she bought for Jesse. She had said several times that she wanted to buy some rugs for Jesse's house. But when Jesse picked out this one big rug, Mom balked at buying it - saying that she could buy two rugs for what it cost.  It was actually a very good price. My sister talked Mom into buying the rug for Jesse anyway. Jesse took a photo of Mom with the rug - it seemed to please Mom. Such a funny lady! Jesse took other photos of the house and the work we did, but I did not take any pics, because I was just too busy to think about it. If Jesse posts any, I will steal them, but this is all you get for now.


Moogie P said...

Sounds to me like you got quite a bit done! I vote for recovery time, though. We don't want any arms falling off.

Bag Blog said...

Moogie, I went to exercise this morning thinking it would keep me from getting stiff. Now I'm a noodle.

Okie Dokie said...

That's a killer rug. I put on my hippie beads and got dizzy just looking at it. Doesn't really go well with the sofa, but you can maybe buy some fluffy blankets to lay on it, and it will be great for naps then. Maybe some turquoise pillows. I'm such a designer eh, ha. Get back to work! Papa will have to snap the whip... Ugh: grout.

Bag Blog said...

I think Jesse just likes lots of color - nothing is matchy-matchy.