Tuesday, September 01, 2015

So Far

School has been going on now for two weeks. So far, so good. I don't have anything exciting or really all that interesting to tell you about my school teaching. Many times over the years with my art classes, I get the feeling that the students just are not picking up what I'm laying down. Sometimes I get depressed over it. I spend lots of time wondering how I could get my art across to the kids and sometimes adults. But the truth is that some people will never get art. They just don't see it. That's okay. I will keep trying to get the rest of my students to understand. I want to see the light come on.

We've been working on line and drawing and value or shading. I know that some of the kids are bored with it. Dang it! Even I want to move on, but this is important. If you can't count to ten, you probably won't do well in math. So it is with art; you need to be able to do the basics before moving on to algebra.

And the kids themselves, well, I'm working on relationships, learning names, and getting to know them. Most of them do not care about me. I'm sure they see me as an old lady teacher. Too bad. I don't feel old. And I have lots of useful and un-useful knowledge to share.

Over the weekend we went to Wichita Falls. Toby and Jes rode in the Hotter n Hell. They only rode the 25 miles. I bowed out this year. We had lots of relatives coming in to spend Saturday in WF. I did not want to be tired and worn out and sore. So I went shopping while they rode. They had lots of fun without me. After they finished the race, they drank a little beer and danced a little at the finish tent. Part of the race takes you through Sheppard Air Force Base. The Air Force puts on a good show - setting up an alley of planes for the bike riders to ride through, serving hydrating drinks and such, and cheering the bikers on. I have posted such stuff before. It is great. This year one of the pilots at the planes looked a lot like Maverick. Jesse said the women were lined up to take their picture with him. She got in line too.


Jo Castillo said...

Sounds like you are doing OK with the teaching. You will get it all figured out and have a great year.

Hotter 'n Hell sounds fun, too. Larry was so tired he just sacked out and came back to San Marcos early on Sunday. Holding those cameras for hours gets hard on the old guy! Too bad we hadn't discussed what event he was doing. Oh well, next time. He had fun here, but missed the zip lining. It was moved from Thursday to Friday. Bummer.

Bag Blog said...

Jo, It would have been fun to meet Larry. Saturday night the family ordered pizza and we sat around eating and drinking and telling silly stories on each other. Larry could have met the whole family! But I understand about the long day, and it is so hot out there.

wandererer said...

I hope she got his phone number. He might keep her amused for a little while!

I notice a lot of teachers use "I want to see the light come on" and I have to say it is sort of like "I want to see my wife come out of Hobby Lobby empty-handed".

Spit in one hand, wish in the other, see which one fills up first. Ha ha

Bag Blog said...

Every now and then even a blind hog finds an acorn.

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