Sunday, October 25, 2015

Beautiful Peace

It is the perfect morning. The weather has finally cooled somewhat. We got some needed rain. The wind is not howling. The sun is gonna shine. I slept in til 7 this morning. Life is good.

School is going well. We had a little fall break with Monday off and the previous Friday. Two short weeks - it was a nice break of the routine. Although I was hoping to go on a little mini vacation - maybe Austin, Ft. Worth, Amarillo, etc. But that didn't happen. Toby took off work also, and we worked on the house. It was hard work, but necessary. I was good with that. Sometimes not going somewhere is a good vacation too. Well, Dallas would have been nice...

The two boys who almost fought in my class are back to being friends. Their conversation has to be monitored closely, because they can easily erupt into macho words and on into macho actions. I really like the one boy, although he is a smart-Alec and is a bit volatile. I will call him Rooster. Rooster makes me laugh with his smart-A words, but he has no idea how far to take something. We have had several private conversation on this. I explained to him that his words effect others in the class. He may mean them to be funny, but they cause problems. When I can get the flood of words coming from his mouth to stop and his ears to open, his brain usually kicks in and he stops. Often he apologizes.  But one day while I was presenting a lesson, he started in on my teaching method and poured out his words. My class and lesson was totally ruined. I was furious. Steam coming out my ears. He stayed after class to continue explaining himself  - mouth running - big mistake. I told him, " I love you, man. You have great potential, but if you keep destroying my class, I will sacrifice you." Being a smart kid, he knew exactly what I was saying. He came back with, "I was gonna get out of this class anyway." Tough-guy talk.  I said, "Great." Lots of steam coming out of my ears by this time.  Rooster left. I went to see the counselor - to see if I really could get rid of him if it came to that.

Later when I got home and shared my story with Toby, I told him that I thought the counselor was as useless as tits on a boar hog. He seemed like a good-ole-boy, but not very helpful. I had to work to get my peace back and mull over my next actions concerning Rooster.  It turned out that the counselor did great. He had words with Rooster. Rooster came and apologized to me the next day. Still, I am leery. I don't think Rooster will make it through the year. He may be charming and talented, but his mouth gets him in trouble and his absences will cause him to fail. He was gone three of the four days this week. It was a calm, peaceful, easy week. Friday he was back. Words, lots of words - very little action and effort.

I am thankful for the beautiful Sunday morning. I like the peace. I like the cool weather. My Saturday with my mom went well. I am very thankful for the peace.


Jo Castillo said...

It's benn very peaceful here, just lots of rain. Good for the fires. Happy for your peacefulness.

Bag Blog said...

It was a good weekend, too.

Rooster Sux said...

Poor Rooster. Watching a failure has to be a sad experience.

When I see those morons standing at intersections with their cardboard signs, I want to ask them "so, this is your retirement plan?"

Just think, you only have 20 more years of Roosters, and teaching and then you can retire :-)

Sam@Plateau Natura said...

Seems a great weekend indeed. .:)