Friday, November 20, 2015

Shipping Routes

Since I posted about my Marine cousin, I thought I'd share this with you. It is an email from Jim's mother sharing how mail gets to a ship:

Our youngest GRANDson, Josh, asked Uncle Jim how mail gets to his ship. Jim says,
"probably route your package took
-left TX and went to New York
-New York to Rota, Spain where it boarded a US Navy transport plane of some type and flew to Bahrain (or it went straight to Bahrain from east coast)
-From Bahrain it gets put onto a resupply ship that meets us out in the Arabian Gulf
-while we do our replenishment at sea, helicopters fly stuff back/forth between the ships
-once on ship 50+ Marines make a long bucket brigade that snakes through the ship and takes the mail from the hanger bay to a collection area where it’s sorted (massive job…we had over 100 pallets of mail today)
-my mail will make its way to the battalion HQ office and then someone brings it down to me.
-I open and eat chocolate bombs….
Does that answer the question?

Since so many of you have mailed him things I thought it would be interesting to you to see how it arrives. 100 pallets of mail!!!! Ariel asked him to take some pictures of that process so she could post them in the Battalion newsletter. The chocolate bombs are made by an Aggie friend who makes cookie bombs!

Thanksgiving blessings to each of you for praying for our world leaders AND OUR MARINES. More Marines just went to the Embassy in Paris. I have visited with them there. They are the finest. Blessings. pj


Jo Castillo said...

Amazing! Blessings to all the Marines and our soldiers.

When we were in Bolivia the mail came via the Air Force. We used to get junk mail and all. Piles of stuff. We thank them for that! It means so much to get mail.

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