Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas is over. All the work getting ready for our Christmas Eve party and then Christmas Day activities has come to an end. I slept till 7 this morning. What a treat! Actually I'm an early riser, so sleeping till 7 was needed after staying up later than usual the last few days.  Ibuprofen was needed too.

Our Christmas Eve talent show was fun, if not a little wild. Bo brought the karaoke machine, so those with no talent (all of us) sang karaoke. The GGs did a skit from George Burns and Gracie Allen. I guess great minds think alike, because Toby and I had practiced some of the same skits. It worked out perfect, since the GGs did some skits, Toby and I only had to do one. The GGs were really cute.  Bo and Sara sang "Baby It's Cold Outside." They have some real talent as did Ruth and Alan who played "Faded Love" on some sort of weird instrument and sang along. The new boyfriend juggled oranges much to the delight of all who wish they could juggle. Jesse wanted me to read poetry, and so I did. It was much too serious, but oh well.
The food was great and that counts for lots.

Shay and Lindz and the NBF stayed the night to have Christmas morning together. It was a much calmer party. Then Toby fixed an awesome breakfast with biscuits and gravy. Shay juiced oranges for mimosas. With our fresh eggs, breakfast may have been the best part of the day.

After breakfast, everyone went their separate ways. We went to WF to my brother's house for the next party. His three boys were all there. My other brother was in from Austin. Since CenTexTim mentioned his liberal sister and brother-in-law, I thought the description matched my family pretty close, and I would mention that my brother and his wife are also liberal minded folks.  I love 'em anyway. My mom came, and Toby went and got his mom too. Bo and Sara came with all my grandbabies. All Christmas parties should have a few babies to snuggle, although Mr. T wore me out sliding at the park.
Eventually we ended up sitting around the fire. The Texas weather was perfect - so much better than the Thanksgiving weather we had.

Today it is downright hot and muggy. We will rest up, clean up, and get ready for the big cold front coming in later today.  We could get some snow out of this storm and be stuck in the house for a few days. I can hardly wait! Jesse and I may paint together. What could be better than that?!


CenTexTim said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Glad it went well.

Jo Castillo said...

Looks like a super Christmas. Hugs all around!!

Bag Blog said...

Jo, Thanks for the hugs.

CTT, It really did go pretty well. The weather was nice - we could go outside and get away from each other :)

Happy New Year said...

Your new boyfriend looks kind of young :-)

(the art of misreading)

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