Monday, May 30, 2016

GG's, Treats, and the Weekend

After my last school day, last Wed, we went to church and brought the GGs home with us. We haven't done many overnighters with them his year. Our weekends are usually taken up with elderly parents, and with me teaching, weeknights were out. But now that I was out of school, it was a good time to celebrate with the GGs. They were so excited when we got home from church. I knew they would not want to sleep. but they went to bed with little protest and lots of promises for the next day.  Then they were up by 4:30 AM. It's a good thing that I had given them strict instructions not to come out of their room until they saw us turn on the living room light. So at 5:00 AM they came tumbling in for their coffee.  The dogs always come in for treats and were quite pleased that the GGs were here. It was a wild morning.  Before Toby left for work, I made the GGs French toast topped with whipped cream. It was a treat for all of us.

Later, I told Toby (who went to work all day) that we had ridden the four-wheeler, caught a lizard, climbed some trees, checked for chicken eggs at least ten times, watched a movie, and painted a picture of flowers that we had picked. And that was all before 9:00 AM. Since they were on the four-wheeler for a while, I got on the lawn mower. We all went round and round the yard. Toby was quite pleased about that.

Eventually, I took them to town for lunch at Jonny's. All morning we had been playing Trivia Crack with my friend Janice. We had two games going. We kicked butt on the first game and the second game was going well - my girls are smart! While we were eating lunch, Janice came in to pick up lunch to-go. The GGs spotted her first and were quite excited to see her and discuss Trivia Crack. They are so funny - little things thrill them. I have to admit that beating Janice at Trivia is a treat - a rare one.

Before taking them home, we went by Braums to get my favorite Good Sense snack. I told the GGS that we were not getting anything else - no ice cream. They were really good and did not beg or ask over and over. They were so good, I decided they deserved ice cream. Once again they were so funny - telling me that it was the best day ever! First French toast and now ice cream!  We had to drive a round a few extra minutes to give them time to finish their cones before they arrived home and made little brothers jealous. They didn't complain when I did take them home - they are growing up. Or maybe they were worn out. I was, that's for sure. It was a nice day.

On Saturday we went to WF to see the Moms. My older brother was there to visit with her, which Mom loves. He is really good with her. It was good to see him. We did not get to see my sister-in-law this visit, because she had strep throat and was stuck at the hotel. He and his wife had spent the spring semester in France with her teaching in Anjou, so it had been a while since we had seen them.  Anyway, we also stopped by to see my cousin. Last fall he had brought home a log from his cabin in CO. The log had a knot that looked like a bears nose - it really did! He wanted me to paint a bear on it.  So I did and here it is.

On Sunday, our friends Jo and Gene from Bastrop came through on their way home from the Big 12 baseball tournament in OKC. We took them to a friend's 40's wedding anniversary party which was held at a local art studio. Since Jo and I are paint buddies, I thought it would be fun. It turns out that there was not much art on display. We did visit with my first art student who is now a very good artist. She sent me a pic of a painting she had just completed. It is a 24x24 flamingo. Very cool!
 Later when we got home from the party, we had another party of our own. Actually Jesse came home and Shay and Lindz came over. With Jo and Gene, it made for a nice party.  We cooked fajitas and visited until late. Another good time!

Today, Memorial Day, we did some more mowing on the yard and took a big nap. I should have spent more time getting ready for the week. But now that I am a free woman (and a procrastinator) I will do that tomorrow.


Jo Castillo said...

Quite a weekend!

Our part of it was excellent!! The fajitas and company was outstanding!
Sorry we didn't see the GKs but will do that this summer I hope. The waiter in OKC remembered the girls and Sophie talking with her mouth full!

The flamingo painting is really nice. Be sure and tell the artist for me!

Your bear looks real. What a fun idea and well done!!

Bag Blog said...

Outstanding is a good word. But I'm not sure I got enough Jo time.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bear also!


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