Thursday, June 16, 2016

China Rush

Last Saturday we brought my mom home with us to spend the night. My brother, who lives in WF and is normally able to check on her easily, has been on vacation. It seems that Mom gets more needy when one of us is away having fun. She had been complaining of dizziness, but there was no obvious problems with her health.  Anyway, Jesse was home for the weekend, and I figured Mom could spend Saturday night here and go home with Jes on Sunday. It would be a good way to keep tabs on Mom.  Of course, Jesse decided to stay and extra night and go home on Monday. No problema. Mom did fine both nights here - no real problems with the dizziness. Then on Tuesday the home health nurse called to say that Mom was still having problems. The nurse suggested I take her to the doctor and see if Mom had an inner ear infection. I called the doctor who had an opening, but I could only make it if I jumped in the car and headed to WF in the next 15 minutes. Jesse helped me out by picking up and delivering Mom to the clinic. I was able to get there a few minutes before the appointment.
All went well, although the doctor had no real answer for the dizziness and it is difficult for Mom to explain herself and her symptoms. By late afternoon, I got mom settled back in her apartment with new prescriptions. By this time, Jesse called and said she was meeting a friend for happy hour at a local restaurant. Perfecto!

We decided it was easier for me to stay and spend the night with Jesse, since I was supposed to take her to the airport the next day, Wednesday. I always carry a travel toothbrush in my purse and keep extra make-up in my car. It all worked out well, but it was all a bit of a rush. Dealing with Mom was a bit wearing. The best part was that I got to spend some extra time with Jesse before taking her to the airport.

So, my girl flew off to China for three weeks. She was excited to be going to a ceramics residency.  Three weeks of China, making pottery, seeing the sights, etc. It should be a great trip. As I dropped her at DFW, I laughed and hugged her and told her to have fun. Then I drove off and big tears rolled down my face and a big lump formed in my throat. I was halfway to Decatur before I could phone Toby and tell him all was well. Still, when I heard his voice, my voice cracked. He knows me well - knew I was crying and why. Dropping your baby at the airport for a long trip to places unknown and not seeing her for three weeks - made me weepy. I've had people say some pretty stupid things to me about this trip as if I should not have let Jesse go. Jesse is a grown woman off on her own. She is smart and has traveled lots. Am I worried? Why yes I am, but don't add to my worries. Just think of the art and the sights and the fun she will have. I love that she lives life as full as she can. And if you think of her off in China, say a prayer for her and me.


Jo Castillo said...

Well, pbftt!! Now I am weepy, too.

I’m sure Jesse will have a wonderful time. It is so hard to let go, even when you know they have a good solid foundation.

Many hugs and prayers.

CenTexTim said...

Our 19-y-o daughter went off last summer to Peru for a couple of weeks. I had the same emotions about letting her go, although I didn't get weepy... ;-)

Bag Blog said...

You know Jesse, she will have a great time.

Part of it could be hormonal.

Chicoms said...

She'll have fun, teachers by inclination are great communists :-) OK, sorry, the Trump in me... Those Chicoms are a breed apart.

Yea, women are so emotional, but you know, I think that's one of the reasons men like them.

Interestingly, my Uncle died in (Tientsin) Tianjin, China in 1932. He is buried in Shanghai in the French military cemetery. I guess there was a big uprising in 1932, with all that colonial period.

I'm sure the Chinese have paved over the cemetery by now.

I know being dizzy is not a good feeling at all. Hopefully they are monitoring her glucose, and she's not on a sugar high.

The Adventure said...

Who knows, she could come home with a Chicom husband and six adopted boys!

oakleyses said...
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oakleyses said...
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oakleyses said...
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