Thursday, October 06, 2016

Internet Woes

We've had a little internet problem, which is not unusual in the country. But you would think in this day and age, the internet folk could do better.

A couple of years ago we switched our internet server from Rhino to Wichita Online. Then WO got bought out by Rise Broadband. I was happy with the internet at that time, because I could actually downstream a movie without waiting over and over for it to load. Now, Toby and I don't watch lots of movies, but we do want to have good service. We get up early in the mornings and look over our online stuff - like Facebook, my blog, emails, stocks, etc. So, at 5:30 AM, you would think we would be able to do that. Unfortunately our internet had a mind of its own. For months now, it has slowed down to where I could not downstream any TV shows. Facebook was iffy. At first we thought it was high usage times, but then it started happening at all times of the day and night.

We called Rise Broadband, and after some checking our speeds, they sent someone out. The guy was very nice. He told me our equipment was all good. So why could we get on the internet and get movies, etc before, but not now? He said that Rise B. needed to upgrade their equipment. He said I should keep a record of when my internet did not work and call in and complain. Then maybe they would do something. He said he had been after them to upgrade for a while now. Great. He also said other people were having the same issue. I know my neighbor has been calling Rise. If your business is not about keeping the customer happy, you don't really want customers.

Well, all of this got a rise out of me and especially out of Toby. We discussed it with our computer guru, Shay. Shay turned on our mobile hotspot on our phones and tried getting internet from our phones. Yay Shay! It worked pretty darn well.  So next we hot-footed it down to the phone store and upped our data for about ten dollars more. Then canceled our Rise Broadband for a savings of about $40.  We will see how it works and if we need more data. Still, it is cheaper than the broadband.  My neighbor did something similar, but I think they are using a hotspot box and Direct TV, which is part of AT&T. The things we country folk do to be part of the modern world!

Here are a couple of my last September watercolors. Today I am going to do the bridge in pastels (wicked laugh insert) and I'm really excited about pastels.


data woes said...

I got a message that my broadband was nearing the limit. This started happening every month. It turns out my Windows box was trying to download megabytes of upgrade. But it would fail after a long download, and start over again. So my Windows was messing me over and costing a fortune.

I decided to install Ubuntu Linux, and that solved my computer problem, but the broadband from T-mobile wasn't as good as Sprint was. But Sprint got too expensive. Then T-mobile got too expensive.

Finally I went back to cable modem at the house, but of course, the acreage doesn't have that, so I don't have internet at the farm anymore. T-mobile was just two bars out there anyway.

I think my neighbor out there has dialup. ooph!

data woes said...

Did Rise have an antenna installed at your place?

The reason I ask, is sometimes new construction goes up between you and the transmitter, and may block the signal. Especially if you are many miles from their antenna.

Jo Castillo said...

You don’t want to get me started on this, right? We have lousy phone service as well. We are at the point where all the tower signals come together to disperse. Ha. I hope this works for you.

I love the paintings. Where is the bridge? Anxious to see it in pastels.

Alison said...

These are fabulous!

Bag Blog said...

We got our phone woes fixed earlier this summer when we switched to AT&T. I've never been a big AT&T fan, but it is working for us right now.

The little foot bridge is in Red River in the middle of town. The deer love it - they think the bridge was built for them.

It is good to see you at my blog again.