Thursday, October 20, 2016

Venting the Double Standard

While watching mainstream media news this morning, I saw a clip of last night's debate where Hillary was attacking Trump on the sexual allegations against him.

Maybe it slipped her memory or the voter's memory that Bill Clinton has had a career full of sexual allegations and sexual harassment suits. It was even shown in court that he had sexual relations with a young intern in the Oval Office while President - which he lied about under oath. Yet, Hillary stood by him. Condoning his behavior?

Why is this important for voters to remember? Any other commanding officer or highly elected official or employer would have lost their career or worse for doing what Bill Clinton did. It is morally and ethically wrong to have sexual relations with a person in your command or under your employment. Many have lost their careers over far less than Bill's actions.  So ask yourself: Why not Bill Clinton? Why was he above the law? Do you want the Clinton machine back in the White House? Where is/was the outrage?

If Hillary is elected, Bill will be back in the White House. He will have access to young interns again. I assume his duties as First Lady will have him working with lots of women's and children's issues. Scary thought!

And yet, Hillary does not seem to see the problem with her husband's sexual allegations, but she does on Trump's. On the other hand, Hillary has been told, "I did not have sex with that woman" so many times. No wonder she doesn't believe Trump.

If that is not enough to make you vote against the Democrats, think of this: Has Obamacare been good for you? Has your healthcare improved. Has the cost gone down?


Jo Castillo said...

It makes your head swim..... Think about illegal immigration and cost, Supreme Court making it's own laws. Scary times ahead. No vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary, too. He "might" shake things up. She is much more of the same.

NeverHillary said...

I don't even think there are two parties anymore. I think the federal government is just a big machine that no one knows how to turn it off anymore.

People will vote for the machine, before they vote for some guy who wants to put a stick in the spokes. They are funny that way.

Me, I say put a stick in the spokes. It can't get any worse.

The current country is so screwed up no one will miss it if it is destroyed.

Bag Blog said...

Jo and Never Hillary,
I agree with both of you. Trump is an unknown in the political world, but I know what Clinton can do and has done. I'll take my chances with Trump.