Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Booboo Weekend

Toby took Friday off to get some work done on the house. Going to WF every weekend really cuts into our farm-fixin'-time. We still do not have the fence fixed, and the horses are still escaping on a regular bases. I'm beginning to hate them. Toby had a guy who was suppose to build the fence, but he has not been seen for months. Then we found another guy to work on the fence, but once again, he has not shown up or answered Toby's texts after the initial work. I think he may have found a "real" job. Good for him - bad for us.

So Friday, we started working early. There is the giant garden which Toby started this year - like we didn't have enough to do. There is also the yard work to do now that spring has sprung. Since we got the stucco finished, I can now do landscaping.  But with all the other work around here, I don't know if and when we will gett'er done. Anyway, Bo, the Grandboys and GBN2 came out Friday afternoon.  GBN1 is now old enough to be part of the youth at church and they go to camp every March. She and her mother went to camp; the rest came here.

Toby had called for a load of topsoil to be delivered for my yard - landscape.  The dirt came in a big belly-loader, which was quite exciting for the kids. Even more exciting was the long bed of dirt that the truck left behind. The kids and dogs were all over the dirt - what fun! Then Toby used the big tractor to spread the pile of dirt around the yard. We worked a little with shovels and rakes to spread the dirt, but watching kids and working was too much. And in the afternoon, that side of the house gets terribly hot. And it was hot! Spring is here. Eventually, I filled the big bathtub up and put the boys in it. They like to swim in Booboo's tub.Then we fed them and sent them home. Bo said the boys were asleep by 7:30.

Saturday was spent as usual in Wichita Falls. Lately though, we get up and do a bit of gardening before we go. We also had to take a post-hole-pounder back to a neighbor. This pounder fits on the three-point on the tractor. It is one heavy piece of equipment. Toby and I had to wrestle it around to get it on the tractor and taken home. I tweaked my knee some way while helping Toby with the pounder. It is not too bad, but gets sore after walking much.

Then on Sunday after church, we kept all the kids. It was suppose to be for just a short time, but it turned out to be an all afternoon affair. GBN1 was already worn out from being at camp. Although everyone was in need of food and naps after church, we all hit the ground running. We played in the dirt and rode the four-wheeler, painted, fished, etc. Their parents showed up around 3 PM to get the kids, but before they had even walked in the door, the baby fell and split his forehead open. It needed stitches so off they went to the ER while Toby and I kept the others. More playing. It was a hot day. Everyone had bug bites. GBN1 fell in the pond while fishing. GBN2 managed to scrape herself up in the wild berry bushes. Mr T came out unscathed, although I did pick several ticks off of him. The horses escaped and had to be rounded up and fence fixed to keep them in. By the time the parents were back to get everyone, we were all breaking down. It was mostly fun (except for the ER run and horse escape) but exhausting.
Before stitches - happy
After stitches - not so happy

So we didn't really get much done around here. After a weekend of grandbabies, I needed to do some major housecleaning. On Monday Toby came home and wanted to do some welding on the fence. I had to go be the gopher and the fireman rather than clean house. Today the little art girls are coming. I need to get prepared - cleaning the art room and setting up their art. 

My Mom has decided that she wants to move to a different apartment at the elderly living place. I guess we will do that next weekend. Yay.


Tall Tales said...

All boys need a cool looking scar. I always tell the doctor to make the stitches wide, so they can be seen better, even after 10 years.

He can say that he was kicked by a horse, but he managed to rope tie and brand him anyway, and "thet hoorse not gibt him no sass further..."

Jo Castillo said...

I’m exhausted from reading this. Smile. You are a busy bunch, your grandkids will have such great memories!