Friday, March 24, 2017


This was the art project for yesterday's Art Ladies. It was an exercise in finding and defining the lost line. We dropped in red for the petals and green for the leaves and burnt sienna for the pot. Then we went back in and defined the leaves and petals somewhat with darker values. It was a good lesson on spreading watercolor as well as defining line using value differences. I should tell you that I stole this image from Pinerest. Some people may not like that, but I feel like this was just our rendition of the image for the purpose of learning. No one is going to sell these little painting exercises. I know, I know. I should probably not use images from the internet, but I did. And they turned out quite nice.


Jo Castillo said...

These are super. I love painting geraniums! Good job.

I think using others images for teaching is OK. It is not OK to make money from the paintings or enter in contests, etc. You are copying the artist, composition, lighting, etc.

These make me smile!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Jo. I thought the ladies did very well. It was a good lesson.

Where's the darn soap?? said...

I know you all like to do pottery, and I saw something I thought was kind of neat for the kitchen. As the soap usually lies around everywhere after I wash my hands.

You all are probably more creative than this simple design.